13/02/23 Family Games (Part 1 of 2)

Saturday 23rd.  RAIN!!  All day!!  Nightmare!!

 Or it would have been IF we weren’t into Boardgames!  Oh, and yes, that does need a capital ‘B’!
The first game of the day was Flashpoint again (We played it two nights before with the Lads!) but this time…  The Advanced version.

The game started something like this…
Ok, it didn’t really but is was not good at all!  And it got worse from that point on UNTIL Miss Bubs jumped into the fire engine and hosed down around six or seven squares of fire every turn!
fire truck
To follow on from that, Mr Awesome shot into the house and with his ‘Fire Specialist’, was also putting out fires left and right.
All the while their father was identifying which POIs were people and which were false alarms to save time.
fireman fred
An epic team I think you’ll agree!!
However, there are a few additional elements to the advanced version, most notably the Hot Spots.  Hot spots are randomly located at the start of the game and more get added with every Flare Up.  Essentially, when you roll to Advance Fire at the end of your turn, if the dice roll lands on a Hot Spot, you resolve that as normal BUT you then roll again and resolve that AND THEN you add a Hot Spot to the new square.  There was one turn where one of us rolled a Hot Spot square, which killed a POI, then when we rolled the Flare Up, resolving that spread fire onto a HazMat square, which exploded killing another POI and removing my Fireman from the board to the ambulance!
Hot Spots are an exciting addition to the basic version, and certainly up the ante!!
fire grin
Long story short though, we lost.
sad face
With almost half the house on fire, the next Advance Fire roll resulted in 6 smoke filled squares all turning to fire and killing the last rescue-able POI. Wow, was it ever fun though!  With more people and therefore more fireman with their own specialities it may be slightly easier, but with those Hot Spots…  Great care is needed!  Serious fun though!
Big Fun
Game rules are here for those interested!

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