EotE – ‘WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’ – Session 1 (16/07/15)

“Exploring the Unknown Region ain’t like dustin’ crops boy.”

The day started as many previous days had, flying around in your extraordinarily expensive exploration ship, scanning, investigating, noting things of interest, dropping Nav Beacons and shooting off to the next place. You were 60% of the way through the current mission. Only 6 more jumps and you were on your way back to Bespin’s Cloud City to pick up a nice hefty slab of creds and a well deserved ‘space-beer’ or two.

And then you entered, YU8938271.

A seemingly innocuous collection of numbers and letters.

Innocent sounding.

How bad could it possibly be?

Unfortunately for you though, the phrase, ‘Wrong time, wrong place,’ came into play.

You essentially flew into a kind of Imperial hyperspace ‘bag’, and so, at first, the entire area seemed quiet, with no noteable features. Eventually though the ‘veil’ dropped and the nearby Imperial task force decided that they didn’t want you there or even alive for that matter.

A quick slap on the blue button of awesome saw the OP hyperdrive engines spooling up very quickly, but not before the Impies destroyed the scanning and exploration tech that your ship was essentially, hefting around the Unknown Regions. A few shots hammered into the main ship that you were all in and just as the first barrage of turbolaser bolts sped towards your ship, to ‘seal the deal’, you blinked out of the system.

When you came to, you all noticed that your ship was essentially held together by luck and a prayer. With an acidic fuel gas rising, systems failing, and oxygen running out, you did a pretty good job of running system and visual checks of the ship and its surrounds before making preparations to head out to the HMS Taronga, “Mysterious Undiscovered Ship”. The Imperial tracer pod was found on the outside of the ship, and shot at…  To no effect; and from a certain persons facial expression, I expected a, “But according to rule 5, sub-sector 14 point 9, it says that…” But it was left at the facial expression stage.

Jodo meanwhile, had a bit of a play with the Imperial tracer program, making one of the data pads go all squishy-melty, but still managed to haul a TBs worth of data and then, you left.

After some discussions around who should go first, and Summer deciding that kicking Mado in the @ss was a good answer, you sauntered onto the ship, with Mado up front. No one mentioning standard D&D RPG actions such as, “I’m going to check those crates,” or, “I want to explore that”.

There was no semblance of danger in the way you acted… That’s something I need to do something about… Oh yes.

So, with the GM calling out Perception checks (Yeah…  I know I shouldn’t have) here and there, you meandered your way inside the ship and came across the computer station for the cargo container.

It was with a little trepidation that Jodo sat and tapped out a tune on the keyboard.

The computer thought the tune sucked and refused to disclose anything.

A few cracked knuckles and sarcastic references to some poor fella called Tarlo (See Pasta! Those computer rolls ain’t easy are they!!??) and that seemed to be the encouragement either Jodo or the computer, or possibly, both needed. Utterly defeated, the computer metaphorically, unzipped, dropped its trousers and bent over.

Nice roll there!

So with a coded message and reference to someone called, Rachel Rahn, the cargo manifest showing some delightful little fluffy pets, you set about checking out the rest of the place.

Heading out of the cargo container and into the ship itself, and with a few prompts from me on how much air you had left, you headed straight for engineering – good plan! In there was a very badly damaged droid, with a borked motor, dragging a dead Borgle Bat behind it. Trying to keep the smile off my face, I took great delight in reading aloud the designation, Dee Three Arrr Three Kay…

Then with an elated noise of recognition…  Hadyn gets it!  Having a damn good laugh, he exclaims, “DEREK!!!  Ha ha ha.  It’s Derek!!”

Loki approves

Ahhhhh, it’s the little things….

Then a very comedic session began – for me anyway. Jodo tried to shove his ‘dingleberry’ into the droid to get the information he wanted, and DEREK tried to make it very clear that he wanted nothing to do with that. Eventually, with Mado sitting on him, Jodo stabbing a hyper screwdriver into the gap between D3R3Ks body and head units, you managed to get the information you were after.

Oxygen was now getting VERY low (and that is one thing I managed badly… There was no story based sense of, you need to get this ‘lack of oxygen thing’ sorted FAST! The annoying thing is, I knew how to do it, and I completely forgot about it!).

With Jodo planting himself in Engineering to get a run down on the ship, the rest of you headed towards the bridge, with Summer RPing my ‘dropped ball’ about the lack of oxygen (thank you Lee!).

A strange stench was detected… And ignored…

Is there a ‘Poo-Monster’ in Star Wars? That could be fun!! Currently, growing in the “bowels” of your ship…

Jodo checked the Life Support system, and (hopefully) was expecting to need to run a repair, but the system was just switched off… Sometimes solutions really are that simple! He also discovers that to get the ship moving, some work needed to be done. It seemed that the ship’s personnel airlock was not sealed properly, and the cargo bay doors were still open.

You got notification of a strange noise from somewhere, and seemed to dismiss it and all continued up to the ships bridge.

You’re lucky it wasn’t an Imperial Zero-G assault team – which, incidentally, originally it was going to be but then I remembered how cool those recon droids were!

At the bridge door, the old “glowstick toss system” of exploration was used (much to Lee the GM and Lee the player’s annoyance – that made me chuckle) and ultimately D3R3K had done a damn fine job of cleaning and repairing / jury-rigging the systems and controls.

The little guy was a bloody star!

…and you let him die…

You just sat there and let it happen…


With the bridge cleared by brave Mado, Jodo calling out items to fix, and Summer marching to her throne, Xage headed back towards engineering to help out with the issue of the airlock. Mado meanwhile, hears the strange noise from the cargo container and sets off to investigate.

Jodo and Xage team up well and sort the issue of the un-sealed airlock.

Mado spots an Imperial Recon droid in the container.

Summer starts an indignant conversation with the new arrivals, and ‘plug and plays’ the Astrogation computer; to great effect I might add.

With the Acklay’s pincer removed from the airlock door, and the sound of blaster fire in her ears, Xage bounds off to the cargo container to help out while Jodo searches for another console to access engineering after the last one cr@pped itself.

The Impie droid realised very quickly that it will not be able to compete with one heavily armed Rodian, let alone it’s Twi’Lek friend, and takes the only logical option, the Italian warcry…  And runs for the exit and safety of deep space.

A quick comm link message to Jodo and he manages to overide the cargo containers safety system restraints and crashes the cargo container’s door down, pinning the droid in the durasteel door.

Xage makes a quick shot, misses, but makes the Droid jerk violently to the left and then Mado nails it with a stun shot, disabling it.

Meanwhile, the, ‘It’s mine! No it’s not, it’s mine!” conversation…

…continues in the cockpit, with the YT-1000 firing a badly aimed “warning shot”, and Summer bringing the sub-lights on and jinking the Hauler behind the remains of the Eldritch Light.

A little like hiding an elephant behind a mars bar, but there you go.

The Rodians crew of the YT-1000 fire the ventral quad cannons at the Wayfarer ‘Nexus’ and absolutely obliterate the Eldritch Light. However, the manoeuvre bought you the time you needed and (unbeknownst to you) helped disguise your escape trajectory.

With a sigh of relief, and (hopefully) feeling of pride for what you’ve achieved, you settle in for the 12 hour hyperspace trip to Pronus VI. After a bit of R&R you decide to search for the hidden cargo container listed in the ship manifest, and after spending four hours looking for it and almost giving up, Xage discovers it hidden away at the back of a sub-storage area.

There was no noticeable lock mechanism, and after much head scratching and fettling, Jodo manages to open the box. Inside are 14 suspension tubes with semi-opaque, viscous, black liquid inside.

The voices in Jodo’s head go into full on SCREAMY SHOUTY mode, telling him to get as far away from this as possible, don’t look back and never EVER go near them again.

The team, (less one member who sits with his hands on his head, eyes tightly closed), investigates further and believe that the contents are blood, but they’re not sure from what.

Shortly after that discovery, and with some skilled piloting, the ship pops out of Hyperspace close to Pronus VI… Luckily not quite close enough for a penalty fine… But CLOSE!

After docking the ship, there was a lot of discussion about what to do next, and as the decision was made to phone the boss with the news, Jodo received a panicked com-call from Tanquar – which he handed over to Xage (why?). Tanquar basically begged for rescue but dropped few hints on being careful about it.

As the group glanced out the window of the ship, a group of Stormtroopers were seen at a hastily erected immigration point at the docking bay’s exit.

And that was that. Perfect point to stop.

A Few General Comments…

  • Everyone was ‘getting back into it again’, remembering rules etc, and that was to be expected.
  • In future, do have a good look over your character sheets and note a few things down that could help jog your memory… For example, I have a sheet with me that shows all the PC’s top three skills, the “3 adjectives”, Stats and a few other details.
  • Regardless of how well you know your character, have a good look over it before you come, and check up on anything you don’t understand. You are extremely lucky (trust me) to have 2 GMs that are eager to help you, use that ‘facility’ to check up on skills or items that you don’t understand or are unsure about between sessions. Don’t leaving it till you’re sat at the table ready to play. Remember the old saying, Proper Previous Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
  • Don’t lose sight of the amount of time and effort that Lee and myself have, and will continue, to put into these adventures. We are certainly not looking for praise over what we do, we do it because we enjoy it, but bear this in mind, as a GM, we have to know:
    • the overriding storyline (and how it’s being changed as your progress through it);
    • all the NPCs you meet;
    • the mechanics and potential outcomes of the situations you get into;
    • details of the planets / spacestations you visit;
    • details of the ships you come across; and
    • the ability to ad-lib a PCs off track adventures.

In turn, we expect you to know your own character.

  • From time to time in the game, LOOK AROUND YOURSELVES, check things out that I tell you about or that you want to check.
  • There were a number of times last night when I was describing important aspects of what was happening or what you could see, and you’d start conversations midway through.

That’s annoying and disruptive.

  • Bonus Dice, think if there are any ways you can give your characters Bonus dice to add to your rolls…  I need to do the same with the Setback dice.

That wasn’t supposed to be a sermon, but there it is.

Things You Missed / Almost Missed.

1. You could have put out the ‘small flames’ inside D3R3K’s shell, that would have enabled you to keep him and repair at a later date (possibly with parts of that Imperial Scout Droid).

2. The odd code that popped up on the computer at the first part of scene one with the busted up cargo canister with the nasty substance inside it. No one asked what it was so it could be checked later.

3. I touched on this above, but on a few occasions, it seemed like if I ‘drop info on you’, without a code as a prefix or suffix, you didn’t see it as important… When I’m talking in game, I’m usually doing one of 4 things:

  1. telling you what you see/hear/smell;
  2. answering queries that you guys have asked me;
  3. passing on information; or
  4. asking for more of that downright awesome biltong that Hadyn brought!

What I’m saying is that as the GM, if I’m talking to you, please listen.

Being “In Character”.

Yes, it’s hard. Especially after a long break… But that’s not where I’m going with this, so read on.

Hadyn made an interesting comment after play last night about not knowing whether Lee was in character when he was being, shall we say, ‘less than chirpy’. This made me think that we need to have a system in place to make these situations understandable.

My opinion has always been that EVERYTHING you say at the table is in character unless you specifically say, “Out of character, what’s a Gundark,” for example.

Some of Lee/Summer’s comments during play were quite terse and almost obnoxious (and I believe he enjoyed making those comments a little too much! Hehehe), but they were also completely in character, were fully warranted by the situation that you were in. Seriously, 7 or 8 minutes of air left and you’re still faffing around exploring other areas of the ship!?

Also, please understand that a comment made ‘out of character’, takes everyone out of character.

While there will always be things/concepts/items/creatures that you don’t know about, keep the questions succinct and informative, so the information can be responded to quickly and we can get back in character as fast as possible.

The odd comment here and there is fine but please keep an eye on it.

Errors I Made!  Yes.  Mmmmmm!

1. A lack of tension on you all running out of oxygen;

2. Not using the Setback dice enough (at all!);

3. Being forced to contrive reasons for you having to re-roll certain things because I made a stupid decision to hide said ‘thing‘!; and

4. The 1 man ship that was hanging out of the cargo bay door!!! WTF happened to that?!?!  (Seems you’ve got yourselves a 1 man ship! Not in an operable state yet but nonetheless…)

Protagonist Quotes

“Shocked and annoyed- I’m in this game to get my stake and get a ship that works. I don’t expect to be shot at by Imperials when doing nothing wrong.

Also, a little concerned at the ability of my team to prioritise – I mean who interrogates a droid before switching the AC back on!?”

“We’re all a bit angry.  Being aboard a technically awesome ship and getting to tinker with it was awesome and had certainly quietened the mind for a time.  Having those f*cktard rule monsters ruin our ship and put us all in danger has highlighted how much I dislike them.

The strange substance on the ship has unnerved me a little, but with everything that’s happened in the last few days, I’m just glad to be alive.”

“Dear Mum. Had a bizarre day today! Think blown up ship, the Empire and some dead monsters. Try and piece that together. Oh but I can tell you that Summer was her usually snappy self again. And by snappy I don’t mean witty. Anyway I’m sure we’ll be BFF’s in no time. Yeah right!

On a more serious note, things on board the Eldritch Light have taken a bit of a ‘plot twist’. For one we’re no longer on it as it doesn’t exist anymore really. It’s a long story which I hope to share with you soon, I just hope my team’s up for it so I can get that opportunity. I’m sure we’ll be fine once we start clicking!”

“I was distracted in our usual game of Sabacc while in Hyperspace; this time on the way to Pronus VI.
What an intense set of events. The Imperials tried to rub us out. I wonder what was at YU8938271. Must be seriously valuable as they don’t want anyone to know.
Lost the ship, shame as it had some great tech. I am actually glad that those boring exploration jobs are over.
Team clicked nicely together to secure another ship, get it operational, neutralise an Imperial droid, and play hide & seek with a YT1000 to make the jump without loosing another ship.
I haven’t felt that rush in a while. What is in those are suspension tubes, what is that black liquid. It was hidden well. Must be valuable.
I look over at Jodo, he is looking at his cards and talking to himself again, he is going to take a while.
Xage is also distracted and in thought playing with her Lekku instead of her cards. Summer as usual is in the bridge, she is not interested in our game of Sabacc.
I shift a card from a 4 to -3 without Jodo & Xage noticing, that makes -22, that will surprise them when they wake up and pay attention.”


11 thoughts on “EotE – ‘WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’ – Session 1 (16/07/15)

  1. zhap77

    OK, my 2 cents! Sorry its taken me awhile to get onboard 13 Donkeys! By the way thats just gross! I can only do 5 before it goes raw!

    I concur with all of the other commenters. Great story, average GMing! 🙂 Just kidding!

    The story sucked too!

    Im hilarious i know!

    Seriously though, love the story line but you dont need me to blow more smoke up your ass. My major issue was that i didnt know the characters of the people we were with, which we would know having worked together. Im not even sure the 3 adjectives goes far enough either tbh. They are good for Zak to track our RPing, but not really a rounded understanding of each character, but i guess its a start and we can figure out the rest as we RP better. However im open

    I agree with the “out of character” preface to our gaming. Will force us to be in character more.

    I do have a bit of an issue though. There was a moment during the game when we were trying to engage the hyper drive on board the Monster ship and unsuccessfully negotiating with its owners that i thought about jumping in and trying to deceive them with a bit of a white lie about our compliance with their requests in order to buy us some time. Which would be playing to my characters strengths of deceit. But i chickened out due to a couple of elements:
    – Firstly, I wasnt sure if i could hear the conversation between the baddies and Summer and therefore wasnt sure i could even engage in the conversation. I probably couldve asked whether i could or not so this isnt a major hurdle.
    – But mainly its because im afraid that if i do and make the situation worse, its slam on Hadyn day. It happened when we were playing Lee’s session and my character tried to come in at certain situations and affect the conversation, to be involved. But I was told under no uncertain terms that what I/my character was saying was wrong and that i shouldnt be talking anymore. I appreciate what i was saying in Lee’s story may not have been correct or badly timed or whatever, but ill be honest, the way in which I was derided has affected my confidence in engaging now.

    First and foremost im not aiming for any , I just want to fix my issue, but im not sure where I go with this, so thought id say it out loud and engage the greater minds staring at these words.

    I have thought about a couple of solutions though. The first might be a bit too much meta-gaming initially, but to encourage correct RPing i think we could allow the team to huddle a situation (with the GM hearing it) and talk about whether its appropriate. I mean clearly we were meant to jump to hyperspace and get away, but that (badly aimed) warning shot couldve been avoided. But more importantly the situation could’ve provided for some RPing opportunities and should be encouraged.

    Or if thats too much meta-gaming we may need to allow a situation to unravel and we deal with the consequences (albeit in our favour if its a life and death situation). Practice and experience makes perfect, but we need to be encouraged to practice. Maybe its just me and others are fine, but thought id share.

    Cant wait for Thursday!!

    1. zhap77

      It turns out that inserting “greater than” and “less than” symbols means all of the text in-between them doesnt get published.

      The sentence that starts with “First and foremost” was meant to say:

      First and foremost im not aiming for any “insert emotional words here”, I just want to fix my issue……

    2. True, the character backgrounds could have been more openly shared with one another but that was up to you guys. I made a few suggestions and responded to people’s queries but nothing much seemed to happen; the ‘adjectives thing’ was partially for me to gauge how you’re going but also to help you all get into character a little quicker.
      In regard to the conversation on HMS Taronga with the “owners”, I can’t remember if your PC was in the cockpit or not, if she wasn’t then you wouldn’t have overheard the conversation but if she had been then she could have said/done whatever she liked. Just think of it as a conversation that someone else is having on a speaker-phone and you’re there… You could say what you liked.

      The scene could have gone a number of ways yes, and that’s part of the fun of a tabletop RPG, there are no set outcomes. RPing more was one way to play it, and there were many others besides (Space walking to get onboard the other ship?).

      Summer was RP’ing, the “It’s mine now,” thing pretty well in her typically terse manner but then that’s her character. Could more have been said? Of course but could that have gotten you in more trouble……?

      Your other point is worrying though, and (as is typical) I can’t remember if it was me… But I think it was! If that’s what you took away from the scene then I apologise, I remember something being said that had Lee as GM saying, “Are you saying that out loud?!”

      I can get caught up in a scene as much as the next guy, (credit to Lee for making a scene more emotive) but it definitely shouldn’t have come across as any more than a “Shia Leboeuf’s stupid “NO NO NO NO NO NO,” comment about that single scene.
      Re a ‘team huddle’, I’m more than happy to allow that in most situations, and I have no problem with that if it ‘fits’ the scene and feels right. The times I’ll be less likely to allow group discussions is when it’s a high pressure situation where a quick decision needs to be made, you’re by yourself, a combination of both or if it’s simply metagaming.

      There may be times that I don’t allow it when you may think you should be able to say / do something, but you need to trust me, there could be good reason. Sometimes I do that because I feel it’s important that each PC has the chance to solve problems by themselves and get the ‘Cool Factor’ that accompanies it, “YEAH!! I did that!!!”

      Your finally point has you pretty much saying what I’ve just said, which shows we’re roughly thinking the same way, so that’s great!

    3. madoslugg

      Hadyn, just wanted to say your RPing banter with Tarlo in Lee’s session was in character and quite entertaining. My RPing in comparison is crap (eg should I drop my melee weapon to get a blaster shot off, yes, no, yes, no, … crickets … hurry up Slugg & make a decision). So keep having a go at the role play and getting involved in the conversation as you think your character would act. We still have our RPing L plates on.

  2. madoslugg

    Hey Zak, awesome first session and storyline. A regular every day exploration job in a high tech ship, and then the intensity amps thanks to our favourite men in white. Like “Mission to Mars” with ship lost we venture across open space desperate to find a vessel and survival.

    I too enjoyed the early cross over of story lines and yet there was so much new and interesting happening in the storyline while on the HMS Toronga. It became obvious that we needed to split up and multitask (pull our weight) to remove the threats to enable us to jump to hyperspace so as not to loose a 2nd ship in the matter of a few standard hours.

    So well done Zak, even if you didn’t penalise us more for faffing around with Derek instead of getting the oxygen on sooner.

    Certainly agree to show the GM more respect to listen to the information and storyline without starting side conversations.

    Well done Lee for jumping into character (miss grumpy) as it was quite noticeable and reminded us all to remember the role play. I found the RP a bit tricky on this first session while finding my feet again with the mechanics after a couple of months off and starting a new PC.

    Looking forward to an epic session # 2.

    1. Splitting up was the point, you all had skillsets that could progress the situation in your owns ways using your own skills.

      Having said that, this was also a bit of a shake up too. ‘Being led by the nose’ is not something that Lee and I will be doing any more. It’s now down to you as players to decide what’s important, what fits each character and how best to approach a situation. As GM’s, Lee and I will set the scene, and you guys play in it. Hopefully, retrospectively looking back at the first part will help you to recognise when this is a good approach and when you need to keep the group together; that’s part of the fun.

      Yes, I did allow a little too much ‘D3R3K time’… That was my mistake, it won’t happen again.

      I’m already excited about Thursday, and can’t wait to see what you guys do and what your approach will be!

      Thanks for the comments!

  3. As Pasta said, great effort Zak! I have to admit, I didn’t expect to be in the crap with the Empire straight out of the gate- but it does add an element of ‘holy shit’ to the whole deal.

    The immediate cross-over was also nice. It took a bit of time to realise it, but once I figured we were on a Wayfarer, I had a pretty good idea. D3R3K the R2 unit was an especially nice addition. As for letting him die- yeah, our bad there. Still, he’s probably good for some salvage creds, so not all is lost 🙂

    It was a little awkward getting back into a player mode of thought- I understand why it took you some time to adjust- but once I was, it was still easier RPing this system than D&D. I enjoyed playing the grump (yes Hadyn, that really is Summer’s character!), but really, going from simple pilot to most wanted in an afternoon is enough to make anyone grumpy, aside from the issue of running out of air.

    The first session is always going to be a little linear- setting the scene and the initial conditions through narrative involves more than a few situations you can’t get out of and this threw me at first. Have to remember my own rules- play the scene from the character perspective, not mine.

    I think we’ll settle in pretty quick- we’ve all got more than a few sessions under our belts now- and I’m really looking forward to the next session. Especially getting MY snubfighter working again!

    1. Glad you’re having fun!

      Bouncing from GM to Player to GM… It’s difficult to transition, and frustrating when you catch yourself ‘being what you shouldn’t be’… It won’t get easier either! Beer helps! LOTS of beer! Beware of mixing it with codeine though! *whistles innocently*

      It’s tough to come up with an intro that isn’t linear, it can be done to an extent, but with the ‘day job’ I wanted you to have..? Not so much. I also needed there to be certain connections and relationships in place so it had to be the way it was.

      Anyway, now the world(s) is your oyster… Dumb phrase, what the hell’s an oyster got to do with anything anyway?!

      TBH, It will be very interesting for me to see which way you go at the beginning of the next part – you have a lot of ‘threads’ to potentially pull!

      “My” snubfighter..?

      Yes… “Yours”…

      *rubs his hands together* Indeed……….

  4. pastarelli


    Great session overall, even considering the 2 month hiatus. I loved how the stories have had a crossover already. I also like the setup of us going from awesome pay, awesome ship, to destitute on a seized ship after getting the smackdown from the Empire. Well done!!!

    It took a while to get into the flow and settle in, and I have to admit I found it a bit hard to get into character. I’m not sure if that’s just because of the time off, or I haven’t found “his” voice yet. I agree there was a little to much chatter off topic (inside game and out) which tends to get us off course with what’s going on in game. I will check myself on that regard and try to cut down on the out of character chat.

    I would say that I know my character well enough, but there will be things that crop up in game that I didn’t even think of, so are hard to study up on before hand or ask about. I know we did pretty well where we left our last characters, but I don’t think we’re RP Jedi’s just yet….next week then ;-P

    The only suggestion I have, would be if we’re done with an area, or seem to be fluffing around, move us along. Sometimes we get caught up with searching through every nook and cranny, or over analysing something when it’s not necessary, or there’s really nothing further there from a story standpoint. We sometimes kind of flounder around and chew up time. I don’t mind having done a check of the area, being whisked off or transported/lead/forced into the next section of the story. Once I’m comfortable with my character I can branch out more with the story and help evolve it, but at this stage a bit of prodding is fine, unless I’m missing something glaringly obvious.

    See you’all next week.

    1. Very happy you’re enjoying it… And we’ve only just begun!

      Oh there will always be things in game that you don’t know about! I’ll make sure of that! As long as you’re all in control of your own PCs and know what the game’s skills are for, I’m good.

      As to your last point, if it really becomes very, very protracted I will, but otherwise I wont be commenting. If I say something along those lines then you will know / assume that you’re ‘done’ with that area / section / encounter and have no need to “worry” about it anymore. I won’t be giving anything away in that regard, that’s for you guys to decide upon as the PCs.

      Besides, you guys regularly come up with things that I haven’t even considered, so sometimes even I’m not sure if you’re “done” with an area!

      Thanks for the feedback.

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