EotE – Starship Combat


Morning all, one item that always feels a little ‘flat’ to me in the game is Starship combat.  It just doesn’t feel as awesome as I believe it should.

Well, last night I found a house rule set and supporting reasoning to spice that up a bit and make it more epic.

All thanks to Emporer Norton from the Fantasy Flight community over at –


What are people’s thoughts?  Go with it?  Leave it alone?


One thought on “EotE – Starship Combat

  1. M experience with Starship combat in this system is limited to the Beginner Game and GM Chris’s Amnesia module (Order 66 Podcast). That said, I can appreciate where Emperor Norton is coming from, and I like where he took some of the rules. I do feel like snub fighters *should* be death traps to all except aces, and even then they should sweat. Heck, only 3 pilots survived the Battle of Yavin (not including Han).

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