EotE – Galaxy Map

Hi all,

I’ve needed to refer to a map on a fair few occasions and thought I’d share it as it’s a good one and has a grid reference along the edges to make it that much easier.

U R here

Incidentally, it’s also the one that Wookieepedia refers to.

Star Wars - Galaxy Map

The map is from here:


posted by Offeye from Deviant Art – it’s brilliant!

To assist on where we are in the games, here are the references:

  • Pronus VI – M11
  • Cato Nemoidia – N11
  • Bespin – K18

Specific to ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

  • Entry point of the 15 stage jump was, Efandia – I6
  • ‘The Incident’ was at, grid ref – D12

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