Opposed / Competitive / Assisted / Unskilled Checks.

Challenge Accepted

Sometimes a simple, do you win or not check, just isn’t quite ‘right’ (for all other checks there’s Mastercard), so what do you do if you’re challenged to a Kessel Run race, or you want to help your fellow player stabilise that rapidly deteriorating hyperdrive igniter coil so you can escape the Impies?

FF’s Star Wars system has another way of dealing with those, with the same level of ‘narrative’ expression as other checks!

SW Dice-Chart


  • (your Skill / Statistic vs. opponent’s Skill / Statistic)

1. Build your dice pool of Ability and Proficiency die;

2. Add one Difficulty die for every Ability die the opponent has;

3. Add one Challenge die for each of their Proficiency die;

4. Whoever has the most Successes wins.  If equal, the most Advantages wins.


  • (all parties do the same thing but the we want to see is who does it first or best)

1. Each competitor builds a dice pool which includes the Difficulty dice designated by the GM for the check.

2. Roll and determine who has the most un-cancelled (gross number of) Successes.

3. If tied, then take the most Advantages;

4. If still tied, the most Triumph wins.


  • (the helper has a higher Skill or Statistic than the primary action taker)

1. Use the highest numbers from both players (Statistic and Skill ratings) to build a single dice pool with the most upgraded dice.

So if Player A has 3 Brawn and 2 Melee (2 Proficiency and 1 Ability die), and Player B has 2 Brawn and 4 Melee (2 Proficiency and 2 Ability die), you would roll the 3 from the highest Brawn rating and the 4 from the highest Skill rating…

This translates to 3 Proficiency die and 1 Ability die.


  • (the helper(s) Skill or Statistic are not higher than the main action taker in either the relevant Skill or the Statistic characteristic)

1. Each character that spends an action to help contributes 1 Boost die to the dice pool.

2. The assisting character has to define HOW they will be helping.

So there you have it, all explained in complete ‘simplicitudity’.

Yes, that’s a word now.


2 thoughts on “Opposed / Competitive / Assisted / Unskilled Checks.

  1. I do love those guys at Order 66… Platonically of course.

    Great idea, I can just sit there behind my ‘Screen of Impending Doom’ (TM) and wait for the result.

  2. This is something I love about this system. In d20-based systems, you’re limited to arbitrary static DCs to beat (unless you’re talking about D&D 4e, which arguably isn’t an RPG), but using the opponents positive dice pool as your negatives just makes so much sense. One suggestion I heard from the Order 66 Podcast was to never roll as a DM, instead always making the PCs roll. For example, if your NPC is trying to coerce a PC, have the PC roll a discipline check with the difficulty as the NPC’s coersion skill (and you don’t have to tell the PC they’re being coerced, either, so they don’t know what skill is opposing them).

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