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There are a couple of blogs that I keep an eye on, and while I can’t (read, won’t) share some of them 😉 here’s one that looks like it may well have some EotE goodness incoming.



More specifically, this post here.

Go have a look, I can wait…

Seriously?  You think I linked this because of the fact that my own little site got a mention?! (thanks for that by the way Kyle!) I’m not that shallow…  Not all the time anyway.

Seriously though, the reason I mention it is that a couple of things caught my eye that I wanted to share.

Firstly, I love the way he’s used scenes from the actual movie to illustrate dice roll results for Threat, Destiny Point useage etc.  I can think of a million more, and may well write a post on exactly that as I believe it would be extremely useful for EotE players.  Brilliant idea!

Secondly, at the bottom of the post, he’s linked in his player’s character sheets, and they are very nicely done!  Not sure how to do a similar thing myself, but that just makes them all the more impressive!

As if that wasn’t enough in and of itself, he’s also just started putting up vids of his EotE game here FlatTopGaming EotE, and when I head home this evening I have every intention of watching it.

I’m not sure if my group is “brave” enough to publicise our own sessions, but you never know.

In line with Kyle’s actual play video above, I thought I’d mention some others, as I love watching vids and listening to podcasts of people playing RPGs.  There are far too many to mention here but in the spirit of contradicting what I’ve just said:

The Dice Stormers – Vid and there is a podcast as well

RPPR – Role Playing Public Radio – Vid and there is a podcast as well

Wil Wheaton’s ‘Titansgrave’ – Vid series

Dice Heroes – podcast

Order 66 – podcast (exclusively Star Wars)

The Arcology Podcast – podcast (exclusively Shadowrun)

There are a tonne more, but those ones (so far) are my “go to guys” for listening to RP sessions…  Order 66 posts very infrequent roleplay sessions but has a wealth of Star Wars RPG information, and for anyone GMing any SW system, it’s a superb resource.

Oh, and one last one…  It has nothing to do with RPGs but it is great fun, and the guy that heads up that podcast and a TONNE more, Scott Johnson (@scottjohnson) deserves as much credit and kudos as possible!…

Film Sack – just because.


2 thoughts on “FlatTopGaming – not just another RPG blog

  1. Thank you for your review of my site. I am humbled.

    I cannot claim credit for the character sheets. They were produced by FFG as part of the Free RPG Day adventure I ran and are available from FFG’s site directly. That said, I do like the idea of posting sheets for those who are curious about the mechanics to see.

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