CAMPAIGN – A great EotE Podcast

I very recently came across a great ‘Actual Play Podcast’, and while I listen to a number of those (across multiple RPG systems), this one bears a specific mention.


I hope they don’t mind me using the header from their site, and apologise if they do, but I feel that it acts as an interesting insight into the PCs that are taking part in this Star Wars…

…wait for it…

Campaign!  Didn’t see that coming did you?!

It’s all set in Fantasy Flight’s, Edge of the Empire RPG system and while there are a few of those around, this one has a real emphasis on roleplay.  For me, it’s found a good balance between playing the game and having some fun.

Give it go, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh and if you were disappointed, keep it to yourself, I don’t want to hear about it 😉


One thought on “CAMPAIGN – A great EotE Podcast

  1. I love the Campaign podcast. I also started listening to OneShot, too. They have 6 “prologue” episodes up using both the Wizards Star Wars system and FFG’s system, which makes a lot of references in the early episodes make sense. But I agree, I love how the players all focus a lot around the story, narrative, etc. rather than the mechanics of the system. This is how Edge of the Empire should be played!

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