EotE – ‘WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’ – Session 3 (27/08/15)

” They’re after us!?  What do you mean, they’re after us?!?!”

With their lives seemingly revolving around encounters with mysterious ships, it was with some trepidation that the team were perched on the edge of a derelict “freighter”, looking out at an asteroid field, TIE fighters and their ride home sipping left and right to stay out of sight.

As the team prepared themselves for the trip back to Tiiona’s ship, Jodo was having a very vivid memory of something from the past…

  • (Female voice) Don’t leave me here!! Don’t go!!!
  • (Jodo) We shouldn’t be messing around with that, it’s too dangerous! You should leave too!  Come with me!
  • (Female voice) They’ll track you down and kill you!!!
  • (Jodo) They will have to catch me first… Please…  Come with me…
  • (Female voice) A pause… I can’t.  I don’t want to live on the run.  Not again.

Jodo had been on this ship!  This very ship!  Who was the woman?  He obviously cared for her, and she cared for him, but he just couldn’t connect the dots.  What exactly, shouldn’t ‘be messed around with’?  What had they been doing?


So many questions…

Or were these actually answers for a change?

While Xage and Mado tied themselves onto a length of cargo strapping they’d found, Summer and Jodo spotted a peculiarity (great word that) at the back of the cargo area they were in and decided to investigate.

The rear wall of the cargo space was a well constructed, false wall and after prying it out of the way, they found 5 pristine looking TIE fighters.  That was that, this wasn’t any kind of regular freighter, this was an Imperial ship posing as a freighter!

Summer climbed up to the cockpit, clearly wanting to add another throne to her collection, and the ship looked perfect, unused, good as new!  Perfect, right up until she tried to engage the ship’s systems.  Nothing.

Not even a flicker.

The ship was basically a shell.  No electronics.  No systems.  Just fascia panels and a seat.  Summer looked down and sighed, “Same podu, different parsec.

TIE Plan

Summer and Jodo pulled a few panels away to check a little deeper and sure enough there was nothing there, it was as if the fighter had only gone through part of the production line.

They stepped down from the TIE fighters and joined the others, “Do you think this is all some kind of test bed for something?”  Mado suggested.

Han Shrug

The team’s last ‘space-walk’ had been difficult/amusing (for 75% of them), and with the benefit of hindsight, this time they tied themselves to Summer and stepped off the ‘safety’ of the ship and made their way towards Praid.

I was looking forward to some shenanigans here, some mess ups, some stress, a few failed rolls, someone to float off towards a TIE fighter…  You know!  Exciting stuff!

Xage decided that fails were not the order of the day, and with very little hardship, the team made it to the airlock of Tiiona’s ship.  The team tried the airlock controls.  Nothing.  Praid had disabled every system on the ship except life support (at minimal) and thrusters.

Summer decided that anger was called for and…  Got angry.  Cursing Praid in many different and colourful way, she made her way across the outside of the ship, dodging debris as she went, and worked her way over to the cockpit screen.  Pulling herself over the front of it, she banged on the screen.

Praid wasn’t there.

Summer’s suit helmet began to steam up as her ire increased with every second that Praid was not in the cockpit.  Where was he?!

Praid came jogging back into the cockpit, still pulling up the zip on his trousers, and didn’t notice Summer’s helmet at first until he sat down to check the location of the TIE fighters again.


“#$%&!!!!!!”  He shouted as he saw a spooky looking, steamed up space helmet floating in front of the ship’s viewscreen.  A few seconds ticked by as he strained to see who or what it was, until Summer’s steamed up faceplate demisted slightly so he could make out her face.  Her angry, red face.

After some pointing and gesticulating, Praid got the message and ran through to the ships’ airlock, and manually opened it for them.

As they all came inside, Praid dodged a slap from Summer (quite an angry woman that one huh!), and they set about trying to agree on ‘Fight or Flight’, or rather, ‘Fight and Flight’, or, ‘Flight and Flight’.

Praid headed back to the cockpit to continue hiding from the nearby TIE fighter, which was now no more than 500 meters away.

There was some concern (understandably) that if the ship’s power was turned back on, the TIE fighters would be all over them in ‘no time flat’, but they needed the ships power to be able to prep Astrogation for hyperspace!  They mulled this over until I suggested (paid for by a Destiny Point; ain’t nothing free here!), that they could jury rig a power supply up to the Astrogation computer to program the jump without having to activate the entire ship.


Awesome Montage Music

Jodo searched around and found a defibrillator in the ship’s medical kit that he fettled with until it powered up the Astrogation computer.  Summer gathered up a data pad and checked through for the coordinates of Pronus VI, and entered them in short order.

There was currently one TIE fighter very close to their ship, another ‘in the neighbourhood’ and the third had gone off to the derelict to check it out.

At this point the team jumped to battle-stations.  Jodo decided he’d have a little fun with the TIE fighter nearest to them and hacked into the ship’s computer.  Xage and Mado ran to the ship’s dorsal and ventral quad cannons.  Summer ran to her throne.

Summer “floored it”, the ship powering up, spinning and accelerating out of the debris field. 

Acquired from - https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-s5EimHQXpa9B8AR_yo7uQGObaohv6CP-YUoQ2XVxOHAmHmZl

They’d managed to catch the nearby TIE fighter completely flat-footed and it struggled to adjust.  Jodo managed to slice the TIE’s systems, and jammed the comms.  Mado and Xage meanwhile fired off some shots from the quad laser cannons as their ship rapidly leaves the TIE behind.

Mado misses completely.

Xage missed as well; or, as she would describe it, “Absolutely nailed a small asteroid near the TIE fighter!”  You decide!

Jodo continued to slice the TIE, causing more trouble with its propulsion systems.


The stationary TIE fired ineffectually at the rapidly disappearing YT-1100.  Summer ignored this completely and continued to accelerate further out of the debris / asteroid field, now very close to being able to engage the hyperdrive.

Meanwhile, the second of the TIE fighters, (that we termed as, “Larry” – the other two were, Barry and Harry in case you’re interested.) manages to angle in on the ship and stitch laser fire across its flank.  That seemed to be exactly what Mado was waiting for as his next shot blew Larry’s TIE fighter into pieces.

TIE death

Just as the team considered whether to turn around and fight the original TIE fighter that had been near them, Jodo hits the computers again and scanned the vicinity.

A tiny ‘ping’ hits the scanner, almost beyond maximum range, it was the Imperial Escort Frigate, ‘Bravery’.  “So that’s how the TIE fighters got here!”  Came the chorus as Praid engaged the hyperdrive…


…As the team blinked back out of hyperspace near Pronus VI, the comms system beeps.

  • (Voice) “Simon…” The voice is heavily distorted, but you worked it out as being Tiiona.
  • (Praid) “Go for Simon…” Then, in a quieter tone, “…Baby…
  • (Voice) “Come see me at floor 10, sector 6 once you land, we’re going dancing.”
  • (Praid) “Will do.”
  • (Voice) “And Simon… Don’t call me ‘Baby’ again.”

Praid furrows his brow slightly, and turned to look at the team, “Seems that you’ve sparked a little ‘Empire interest’.

Praid activated a stealth system on the ship and ‘translated’ the coded message he’d just got from Tiiona.  He explained that the Empire had an interest in the team and needed to quickly and quietly sneak into the dorsal docking bay of a passenger liner, ‘Mayfire’ that was currently docked on an external docking arm at the other side of the station.  Once safely aboad that, they will enter the station from the Mayfire

The first ‘Daunting’ check of the campaign ensued, with everyone trying to help in their own way.  With assistance, Summer managed to expertly manoeuver the ship through ‘rush hour’ traffic, avoiding Imperial ships and sniffers, and safely docked inside the Mayfire’s internal docking bay.

As Summer powered down the ship, she got up and said, “Oh, and by the way…


So, there they were, back safe and sound on Pronus VI.

Yep, nice, safe, old Pronus, nothing to fear here.

It’s all pink fluffy unicorns, and rainbows…

Evil smile

So off they trotted, practically skipping along the docking arm, off to see Tiiona and collect their ‘space-lewts’.  A calm voice came from further ahead and behind some crates, “You’re very resourceful…  Using the external docks to board the station inside of another ship no less…  Impressive that…

No doubt you’re aware of the interest the Imperials have with you all…  I wonder how you knew…

Of course, if the Imperials actually had any intelligence, they’d have known to have put a watch on other avenues of entry to the Station.  Lucky for you, they didn’t…

But unlucky for you, I did. 

You stole our ship and we will be taking that back, but not before you learn not to mess with the Yiyar Clan!”

Seems that the Empire aren’t the only ones looking for the team!

Oh, and seriously…  No one took the opportunity to yell,

Its a Trap

The first real combat session of the game ensued…

With the enemy gaining surprise, the Rodian ‘baddies’ went first, with shots hammering into Mado and grazing Summer.

Clearly concerned with the amount of incoming damage, and the lack of accurate fire from her own team, Xage decided that she would even the score and share the joy.  While her aimed shot didn’t do too much actual damage, she did hit the leader of the Rodians, right in his ‘man parts’.

Even with plenty of setback dice from ‘man part damage’, the Rodian leader still managed to pay Xage back with a heavy shot from his blaster carbine.

Comically, the Rodian thugs return fire was almost epic!  (A Triumph partially cancelled out by a failure.)  Their shots ricocheted into the lighting above them, causing them to dim and flicker, partially hiding them.

Dark corridor

Mado, feeling far more at home now, leapt over some crates and hustled into short range; eager to use his Point Blank talent!  Taking some strain he managed to aim and hit the leader again with his own blaster carbine.

More shots rain on to the leader; even Jodo hit him!  Summer’s shot (lots of advantage) even managed to knock the leader’s weapon out of his hand.

The leader had had enough by that stage, not realising that the team were as formidable as they clearly are!  (I’m not sure that the team knew they were so formidable either!)  He threw a smoke grenade, snagged his carbine and ran / limped / shuffled off with his compatriots providing cover fire…  By rolling a Triumph with no hits AGAIN.  They clearly believe that shooting the lights is a viable option for a thug!

Mado, clearly a little upset (Mad…o?) about his quarry legging it, decides to take out his frustrations on the thugs instead.  Finding a break inbetween the crates, he lined up his carbine and aimed a shot, firing at the perfect time.  The blaster shot, angled slightly up, went straight through the throat of the first thug and through the face of the one who’d just stuck his head up to check where the team were.  TWO’FER!

Mado 2fer

One of the two remaining Thugs decided that now was a good time to stand up from behind the crate and be shocked about his compatriot’s deaths.  Xage, clearly inspired by Mado’s 1337 skills, decided that now was a good time to put a shot straight through his chest.

Another one bites the dust.

Jodo, trying desperately to be as inspired as Xage was, lines up a shot and pulls the trigger…  A small blue LED was blinking at him;  for those not familiar, a blue flashing LED is Galactic Basic for, “I can haz new power pax!?

The remaining Thug weighs up his options.

Deliberates over them.

Considers the pros and cons of staying and running off.

Gun Warning

Finally, in a strange moment of clarity, he decides that once the Duro reloads his pistol, he’ll be in trouble, so he runs off after his (not particularly) illustrious leader!

With Mado talking to his carbine, promising to clean it soon, the team do a quick search of the corpses and make haste for the station.  At that point, Mado has a thought, ‘Walking onto a space station with a blaster carbine may not be seen as, favourable’, and decides that he’ll head back to the Mayfire and store his trusted, much loved carbine with Praid.

Gun Love

The rest of the team head into the space station, and after passing through immigration, note a 4 man Security team and a Stormtrooper squad making their way quickly towards the docking arm they had just been in.

A quick call to Mado was made and he, sensibly, decided to stay on the Mayfire for a little longer until Praid gives him the all clear.

At this point, I use the GMs, “Gimme a Destiny Point and I’ll give you something in return,” hint.  A Destiny Point was exchanged.

The docking arm has security cameras.

Jodo heads to a public computer lounge and with Xage and Summer trying to look tough and not appealing, Jodo gets to work.

Slicing through the station’s security he manages to gain access to the security network and ‘mess up’ the camera recording for a 90 minute period around their ‘5 gold and a party’ with the Rodian welcoming committee.  A nice move there on not simply deleting the recording but making the playback pretty much unintelligible so as to make it look broken.

Obscured View

Jodo then contemplated hacking the Imperial network, then thought better of it and decided to have a good look around in the security system he was already sliced in to.  He finds that Rachel Rahn has filed a ‘Report Sighting’ order with the space station’s security teams, to contact her if the team are spotted.

Jodo slices away and deletes Rachel Rahn’s ‘Report Sighting’ order on the space station network and inserts a little something of his own, an ‘Arrest Warrant’ order for Ms Rahn.


While Jodo was weaving his ‘binary magic’, Xage and Summer took note of a few interesting ticker-tape news casts.

  1. The dates and fighters involved in the upcoming ‘Half-Grav’ match in the MSC Series; and
  2. A sector alert about dangerous anomalies in some outlying systems.

One of the systems listed was Thalassia; the sector where the team had found the mysterious ship.

Xage contacts Tiiona to arrange a meet and find that she is in the Jandina Health Spa on the station.  The trio head up to the Spa and after finding out that it’s a female only joint, the girls head in and leave Jodo to perve at the ladies heading to and fro in the lobby.

The ensuing conversation with Tiiona was a long one, with plenty of roleplay and a lot of information being ‘laid on’ the team.  There was some interesting interaction from the team here about whether to be 100% open or hold back on some information.  In the end, the decision was full disclosure.

Tiiona was very surprised with the group’s findings, she hadn’t expected anything other than success and some valuable loot.  The team shared information with her on the black liquid that had been aboard their ship, saying that Rachel Rahn was the intended recipient and had picked it up.  Xage also stated that they were positive that the liquid was some kind of blood; but did not mention Jodo’s reaction to it.

3-5AMM5 Chip

The Core Tek 3S4MMS chips that they had found were handed over with Tiiona saying: “They are usually made in small quantities as they have limited uses and are restricted.  They’re interface accelerator chips used in high end fighter craft manufacture.  I’ll try to move them but they may be hard to shift.”

The team talked about the potential prices but Tiiona didn’t know what the potential was.  The team said that they needed funds to pay for the repairs on ‘their ship’, at which point she recommended a guy called Bystran Nivix in the main docks, saying that if the PCs mentioned her that he should be able to prioritise their work.

Tiiona asked them if they had met Rand Cleeze yet, and that they were interested in the team as they had allegedly stolen their ship.


When the crystal eggs were discussed, Tiiona suggested that they speak with Lian Jaxx as she believed that he had recently found something similar.

Tiona’s bodyguard signalled her at that point and she went over to find out what was going on.  When she came back, as the team had been so open with her, she shared that she had just found out that Krasin Kain may have some information on the black liquid and also that she had just found out that Minariikie Slovan, (a poster child for the Empire and all round, ruthless b@st@rd), was en route to the station.  Tiiona added that Minariikie was usually given highly important missions.

As the team were leaving, Tiiona said, “There was a rumoured chemical leak a few days ok in the Imperial area of the station.  The Impies flushed the entire suite of rooms to ‘protect the station’.  I heard that they killed 15 of their own staff doing that.  If this is tied into the black liquid, and logic would suggest that it is, this liquid clearly has great value.”

A rack of vacuum venipuncture test tubes filled with blood. Isolated on a while background.

With plenty to think about, Xage and Summer left Tiiona to her sauna and beer, and joined back up with Jodo.  Mado signalled them that he was in the main square of the market and received a call from Tanquar.

Tanquar informed the taciturn Mado, that the Imperials had shut down Domai Ulstin under the guise of ‘political and financial misconduct’, and that all employees were being gathered for ‘questioning’.  He confirmed to Mado that he had stowed away on a freighter shipping gambling machines to Kaal  a mostly Imperial resort planet.  He stressed to Mado that he needed to meet with them all very urgently, as the situation that you are all in is a direct result of a deal the company had made.

Mado didn’t say too much and Tanquar signed off saying that they team needed to get to Kaal as fast as possible.

The team headed into the Maw for a well deserved brew, and noticed a large sign outside the entrance, “NO ‘CORELLIAN PURE’ AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE”.  Xage frowned slightly, she liked the stuff.  According to Tiiona, this was also the place to find Krasin Kain.

Beer SW

Yavessk Lockheart, the bar owner, was behind the bar and clearly upset about something.  The team had a chat with him about Krasin and if he had seen him, and Yavessk told them had he’d thrown Krasin out just this morning for being his usual rowdy self.

Further conversation with Yavessk revealed that he had been receiving complaints from customers about the Corellian Pure, and that it had a nasty aftertaste, and some mentioned it also having a strange smell.  He had stopped selling the beer and checked the pipes and barrels and had discovered nothing.  He mentioned that the only other vendor of Corellian Pure on the station was ‘Dachint’s’; a mid-high level restaurant chain, very popular in the local sectors.  He went on to say that he would be very surprised if Erlem Trenor (the manager of Dachint’s on the station) was up to anything.

The team said they’d look into it and see if they could help out.  Yavessk nodded absently and went back to his worrying.

The team headed outside and decided to…

SPLIT THE PARTY!  (Queue lighting strikes, thunder and evil laughter)

Split the party

Jodo and Xage went in search of Lian Jaxx in the cargo bays, and after an hour or searching they almost gave up but, as luck would have it, they heard some light snoring coming from behind a large stack of crates.  Investigating further, Xage climbed a few larger crates and noticed someone asleep in a little nest of blankets and tarps.  It was a nicely obscured spot from everywhere in the cargo bay except the high level gantry’s, and if the man hadn’t been snoring, you’d have been none the wiser!  Xage and Jodo woke him up and after reassuring him that he wasn’t in any trouble and that Tiiona had suggested they speak with him, he relaxed.

Xage asked about the crystal eggs and whether he’d seen anything like this before.  He told them that he had been loading a stack of crates onto a freighter about a fortnight ago and that the loader ran out of charge, so he had to carry the last few crates into the cargo hold.  Apparently, the last crate he had to carry was, ‘about the same size as a slab of beer’, and made a strange, clinking sound when he accidentally dropped it.  He thought he had broken it, and was concerned so he popped it open.  Inside were 30 crystal eggs, just like those ones.

Almost to himself, he added, “Did you notice how some of them have slightly different colourings?”

Jodo asked him what he thought they were, and Lian said that he thought they were some kind of recording device, but he checked the surface of the egg and found no openings or cracks in it so it was beyond him as to how they were used.

When pushed further, he said that he remembers that the ship was heading to Sleheyron (S10), at the outer regions of Hutt Space but wasn’t sure if that was the final destination.

Meanwhile, Summer and Mado hung around the rough location of the Maw and kept their eyes open for Krasin Kain.

Just under an hour after Jodo and Xage left in search of Lian Jaxx, they spotted Krasin wandering around murmuring to himself, sometimes at great volume, sometimes quietly…  Summer approached him and he just kept saying, “Beer!  Need beer!

Drink beer

Mado hustled off into the Maw and got some Rodian ale.  Yavessk kept an eye on Krasin, clearly not wanting a repeat of the ranting from earlier that day.

Beer in hand, Krasin turned into a different man (don’t we all?!), “Blood yes blood!  Black blood.  Maybe not blood.  Liquid?  Hmmmm…  Worcester sauce?  No, too thin…  Definitely blood!

Summer, trying desperately not to lose her, exceedingly short, temper, tried to placate him further, and after a few large gulps of beer…  “Not as good as Corellian Pure but….  It’ll do.

Krasin, Tiiona sent us, she said you might know something about a…  Black liquid recently arrived on station..?

He leaned in close to Summer, uncomfortably close, and in a completely sane and sober tone said, “The Imperials have a research base, somewhere in Hutt space.  I’ve heard too many rumours about it for this not to be true.  It could be Imperial mind games I suppose but why would they bother?

Summer frowned, “And how exactly do you know about this?  Who did you hear the rumours from?

Krasin smiled, “You heard about the erm, minor incident in the purloined Imperial section of the station?  The minor incident that resulted in 12 Imperial Scientists being ‘airlocked’?  I was crawling through the air ducts at the time.”  He winked at her.

All of a sudden, he was back into his alter ego, Krazy Krasin, “BEER!!  Beer, where is the good beer?”  He downed the rest of the Rodian ale and continued mumbling and muttering to himself…

And that was where we ended the night. 

A flood of potential avenues of exploration. 

Lots of information to digest. 

Kids in a sweet shop!

Where to now?

A Few General Comments…

Another enjoyable session.

You all seem to know your main roles now and area working to each of your individual strengths when possible.

The use of Destiny Points was better by both you guys and myself, but I still think we could use them more.

You worked very well both as a team and individually, well done.

Last time I spoke to sharing the Limelight and not stepping on each others toes so as to deny anyone, ‘their moment’. This time I’m raising the same topic but with a different reason.

Own your moment!  Be proud of your actions and successes!  You’re awesomeness helped your team and the story.  Grats!

Further to that do not be afraid to explore options. Try and imagine that you were actually in “that” situation, think tangentially.  There is, typically, an ‘obvious direction’ to take with every event, but that ‘obvious direction’ is not necessarily the best or most interesting one.

If other character / characters are involved in a situation and you think you have something valuable to add, please don’t shout out what you think should be said.  That’s metagaming, and I have Rancors and Zilla Beasts that will happily show you what happens if you go down that road…  So, instead of risking consequences, interrupt the situation (nicely!) and ask if you can volunteer a solution / comment etc.  Sometimes I will allow it and sometimes I won’t, it depends entirely on the situation / consequence.

  • Please note that  if you do blurt something out, I will have to exclude it as a question or option for the active character.

You may have noticed that there were times when I asked you to decide on the ‘Advantages’ and ‘Disadvantages’ rolled.  I think that it helps to immerse you a little more; plus it means I don’t have to think of everything!  There will be more of that coming so keep coming up with those great ideas!

Things You Missed / Almost Missed.

  • How did Rand Cleeze (Yiyar Leader) know when you were coming back to the station?
  • Why were there no guards in the docking arms?
  • Mado could have used a Destiny Point to give himself a convenient bag to store his carbine in, rather than heading back to the Mayfire.
  • There was very little questioning of Tanquar’s situation;
    • why can’t Tanquar come to you?
    • how can he be safe on Kaal when it’s a mostly Imperial holiday resort?
    • why can’t “the situation” be described over a secure connection of some kind?

Being “In Character”.

Some individual highlights for me:

Xage’s the to and fro conversation with Tiiona in the spa was great.

Summer pwning the first “Daunting” test of the game in the face.

Jodo – at the beginning of the session there was a (player proclaimed) lack of knowledge on what Slicing could be used for…  I’m guessing that’s no longer an problem, ‘Slice Master‘ Jodo?!


Errors I Made.

Still need to use Setback dice a little more.

Need to use the Destiny dice more – I did use them more but there should be more of a flow of use, I feel.

Possibly too many avenues for you to venture into?

I didn’t feel like I emphasised the difficulty of the stealthy trip over and into the Mayfire enough.  It was supposed to be a pretty amazing feat.

  • Possibly should have let you guys decide what skills could have helped rather than telling you how you could help.

Protagonists Quotes.


“Seriously!  There was nothing in it! It felt like a ghost ship! Nothing worked but it had everything. It looked like people had only just left! The computer was even talking to us, until we got to the computer room and found no infrastructure, then silence!”

“What?! How is that possible?”

“I know! The scary thing was that we got affected by some nerve gas or something and had these weird-ass visions of aliens and of a battle! I dunno man, something weird’s going on! Now the Imperials are saying that due to strange cosmic events we should stay outta the area! Something’s going on and they’re on the cover up!”

“And now all this Imp activity here on Pronus VI, but I heard that’s connected to some mysterious shipment?”

“You gotta get me a lot drunker for a conversation about that”

“Hang on, you know what the mysterious shipment is?!”

“Loose lips sink spaceships, sweetheart. Gotta say though, I haven’t been this buzzed since I was back on Ryloth! I thought my life was going to go down the boring career girl path, boy was I wrong! Such a rush!”

“You sound like a bag of secrets!”

“If you want these ‘lips’ to part ill need another Ryll honey bourbon”

“Barman! Another drink for the lady!”

Another flashback, another piece of the puzzle or am I playing tricks on myself?

It’s getting harder to keep the voices in check, they’ve been jumping front stage without my permission a fair bit lately and it’s starting to scare and excite me. When I lose myself to them I see the schematics in my head. I understand the way something is put together, and how to take advantage of it.

I jury-rigged a defibrillator to power up our astro-nav system… Where the f*ck did that come from?

The other day I saw the patterns in digital form, a clear path through the system to my objective. Before I knew it, I’d hacked the space station security system and implanted my own will….or was it revenge….without it being traced.

I like that power, but the more I let the voices out, the harder they are to put away and the harder it is to keep my thoughts in order.  I might not even remember why I started this journey when I get to its end.

Nice Zabrak pineapple from Tiiona!  She sent us to salvage an Imperial super cargo vessel. So no surprise when we found ourselves again playing hide and seek with Imperial starships. 

Splashed a tie fighter on our rapid exit from the system, oh yeh ka boom! Thanks to some impressive piloting by flygirl Summer we made the jump away from the Imps. 

On return to Pronus VI there was an increased infestation of Imperials so we discreetly entered the station from within the Mayfire. 

We hadn’t even made it proper into the station when we encountered those Yee Yaah dweebs who were Pfassk’d off that we had salvaged their cargo ship. 

Perfect time for my carbine to shine as I turned Yee Yaah into poodoo. Remaining bug-faces scurried away likely afraid of being turned into goo. 

In a moment of clarity slicer Jodo wiped the video of the battle and diverted some attention towards Imp Rachel Rahn.  Ha!  Deal with that, Schutta. 

Xage and Summer met with Tiiona in the day spa for a time, any longer they may have turned into Geonosians. They returned with good intel and importantly credits for the job. 

Contact from Tanquar. He made it to Kaal avoiding Imps and needs us to come urgently. Boss looked after us so am keen to go to his rescue, we need a working starship…

Dear diary

Well, another fun day at the office. If I see another derelict ship I’m gonna scream. Got out of the system in reasonable order- but I’m getting very tired of running away. Still, I guess the frigate in system would probably have made fighting it out a bad idea. Oh well….

Getting back to P6 was fun, but ran into a feral bunch of Rodians- Mado finally earned his keep (damn he’s good with that blaster of his..) And got our pay, so not all lost. 

This black blood seems to be a concern, but not sure I want to get too involved.  

Oh, and if that letch Praid even looks at me again, I’m gonna change his religion the hard way!



8 thoughts on “EotE – ‘WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’ – Session 3 (27/08/15)

  1. Another great session with an interesting- and increasingly involved- storyline. Lots of things going on all at once. Everyone seemed to get well into character and had fun acting out. Though the sheer range of options for moving ahead seems a little daunting I’m sure we’ll work it out.

    Echoing others, I really like the open opportunities in the EotE format for really playing the character- though having to watch Xage peel off her clothing is maybe going a little too far 🙂

    Regarding Tanquar- interesting points. I can’t say that, to date, I’ve given all that much attention to his plight. Until we have a working ship we own, his issues are really his own. That has been the driving focus for Summer.

    Looking forward to the next session

    1. Thanks. To be honest, I was getting a little concerned last time that you guys were thinking that there were too many “threads” that could be pulled (as you pretty much confirmed!). To be clear, my thinking behind that is threefold:
      1. It gives you more options and I am quite interested to see which direction you all head in;
      2. It helps to make the station feel more “alive”; “real people with real problems”; and
      3. You never know where those quests may take you, some might not be as important as they sound, and some may be more important than they sound. 😉

      In reference to item 2 above, I’ve played in games in the past where the location that you’re in just feel like an excuse to string a storyline together or it’s just a setting for an event. Many times that location/setting could be inter-changed with literally anything, and that makes the location/setting less interesting.

      Not too sure about the Xage comment… Seeing the PC behind Xage doing it, no, but Xage herself… ‘Pics or it didn’t happen’.

      In respect to Tanquar, I won’t say anything about him at the moment; but Summer has always been ‘crystal’ about what she wants; or, at least, what she wants, “first”.

  2. pastarelli

    Excellent write up! I really look forward to reading these after our sessions. When you’re playing during the night you get caught up with what’s going on from moment to moment that you sometimes forget about the story as a whole. Having the story to go over cements the story in my mind and I can see opportunities that I missed and write them down in case a similar situation presents itself in the future.

    Nice work on the story. You’ve managed to craft a story so that each session gives us all a chance to get in the mix and use our individual 1337’ness to help the crew. Plus you’re also giving us all an even share of the RP stage which is helping us to develop the nuances of our characters. I’ve certainly got a way better idea about my character now and the way I’ll evolve him.

    We’re doing a whole lot less metagaming than previous sessions and I think that’s because we’re all getting way more relaxed with the RP side and are happy to play it more by ear.

    Top stuff Zak!

    1. Thank you sir.

      Yes, the RP is getting better and better as time goes on.

      With metagaming, it’s a tough one I know and that’s exacerbated even further because we’ve come from D&D 4e, where one wrong turn can flatline half the party. EotE though is a very different type of RPG compared to the glorified war-gaming that was 4e.

      I know the temptation of sitting there thinking, “Come on blahblah!!! The best move is so damned obvious!!!! God, he’s going to screw it up… Maybe I should just shout the answer out so it’s ‘out there‘..?

      Accepting a bad result will hardly ever be ‘character ending’ and as I’ve said before, a “bad” outcome can make for great RP and can create situations that are great fun to play though.

      [Han answers the intercom after comandeering an attack station]
      Han Solo: [sounding official] Uh, everything’s under control. Situation normal.
      Voice: What happened?
      Han Solo: [getting nervous] Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh… everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you?
      Voice: We’re sending a squad up.
      Han Solo: Uh, uh… negative, negative. We had a reactor leak here now. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous.
      Voice: Who is this? What’s your operating number?
      Han Solo: Uh…
      [Han shoots the intercom]
      Han Solo: [muttering] Boring conversation anyway. LUKE, WE’RE GONNA HAVE COMPANY!

      So when meta-gaming rears its fugly head, keep those teeth firmly biting into your tongues!

      *the low gutteral growls of Rancors can be heard in the distance….*

  3. madoslugg

    Really enjoyed the session guys. Zak delivered a nice mix in storyline that allowed for some good role play and allowed each character to use their skills and to shine. Nice work Zak and an impressive write up (cool pics).

    In this session I was yet again impressed with Summer’s piloting skills + slaps on the back of Praid’s head, Jodo master slicer skills, and Xage’s Intel gathering + credits.

    Well done guys with the role play, we keep improving each session.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday … not long now … oh how to spend my XP and credits … I know some polish for Mado’s carbine!

    1. Mado certainly came into his own in the docking arm fight!! Oh, and keep those Rodian eyes of your peeled, there may be more “incidents” coming up.

      Keep pushing forward with the roleplay side too, you’ll get there!!

  4. zhap77

    Another great write up mate. And glad we all got our protagonist quotes to you in time.

    Regarding Tanquar, the way you read out his interactions it seems pretty clear they’re messages to us of how it is, rather than any type of discussion about whether he can come to us. Which is probably why we aren’t questioning him, so maybe change up the way he comes into the story so he seems more interactive.

    Also to the team, the more im getting into Xage’s character, the less cagey I think she actually is. Also, as was demonstrated last week, I was throwing out a lot of sexual innuendo, which I think I want to incorporate into Xage’s character so its her saying these things, not me. So im going to change the 3 word description of her to:
    · Risky
    · Seductive
    · Promiscuous
    · Confident

    Which as you can see is 4, but that’s how I roll. I always go that extra step for you guys 🙂

    And secretly I want to play the type of character I personally could never be, but would’ve loved to have been. A bit of a slut!

    1. Thank you.

      I use the same ‘adjective technique’ with all the NPCs in the game, and one of Tanquar’s is ‘clipped’; which means that he says his piece and he’s done, he isn’t ‘long winded’ (another descriptor that I have). As in real life, just because someone speaks in that way, does not mean that you can’t say, “Oi Oi matey-friend of mine, hold your horses there! I have a couple of questions for you before you go…” >Shades of grey my friend, shades of grey<

      Sexual innuendo is a tough one, moreso that you’re a guy playing a female character in a group that are all guys… It’s not impossible, and I think you can do it, but the difficulty will be making comments in that way without the typical, “Hubba Hubba!” type remarks following it.

      I’ll leave the last sentence… Way too easy to make all kinds of comments about all kinds of things.

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