Consumables – Use or Hoard?


In a PC or Console RPG, it’s really very easy to build up a ridiculous amount of items and completely forget about them until you’re trying to find space in your bags for that expensive item you just looted.

You simply right click or press B and all the loot that dropped is now in your inventory… When I’m playing games, half the time I don’t even really look at what I just picked up, I simply click the button and keep running to the next enemy / quest.


That inevitably leads you to a situation where your bags are bursting at the seams.  Forcing you to spend ages looking through everything in your inventory, to find the least valuable things, so you can delete it to make way for something more valuable that you just found… And probably won’t ever use!

Worse still, you delete a stack of consumable items only to replace it with another stack of consumable items, that, eventually, you’ll delete to make way for another stack of more valuable consumable items!!

Friend, “Why not just sell the stamina scrolls and at least get the cash?!”

Me, “Because you never know if they’ll be useful of not!”

Friend, “But you’ve NEVER going to use them!  You know that!”

Me, “You never know!!”

Friend, “…*sigh* No, I suppose that YOU don’t know…  But WE all do!”

Me, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Friend, “Nothing, just please stop whining about not having as much gold as me…”


I don’t know about you guys and girls, but I’m guilty of hoarding things waaaaay beyond their usefulness.  In World of Warcraft, my inventory space is  riddled with potions, old weapons, magical items that I can’t even use, scroll buffs, food buffs, and most of the time, it’s all 10+ levels behind my current level.

“Hi, my name’s Sherbert, and I am a terminal hoarder!”

To give an example from the World of Warcraft, I have a level 92 Priest, who currently has 64,872 health, and I was, (finally) going through my inventory yesterday to sell stuff and make some room.  I found a stack of 9 of these…


A potion that heals max 332 health, when I have almost 65k!  I even had them linked to one of my action bars for ease of access!  To make things even worse I can’t even use the excuse of, “Well, I haven’t been able to find a vendor to sell this stuff to!!”  Because I have one of these


Anyway, the point of my post, yes, the point…

The point is this…

My friends and I are about to kick off our first venture into the Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG, and more specifically, the Giantslayer adventure path (AP).


The adventure drops some very good loot, and some very helpful consumables.  I’m not worried about the larger and (arguably) more exciting items like armour or weapons, they’ll simply get argued over who will get the most use from them and then flicked to one character or the next.

No, that’s not where the issue is, it’s the consumables.

8       9

Tabletop RPG’s more often than not, will have a decent amount of consumable loot because they’re a one shot deal.  As a result, they don’t have too much of an effect on a game or cause too much imbalance.  However, most player’s first inclination on finding these items is to simply ‘Inventory them’ and scribble them down on their character sheets and, more often than not, forget they even have them.


That’s hoarding.  Worse, that could end up being the same as my own personal type of hoarding, aka ‘Stupid Hoarding’.  I simply can’t let my players head down that rabbit hole with me!  So, in order to help you avoid this potential affliction, please remember this simple acronym:





In all seriousness though, it’s important to realise that there usually isn’t too much ‘fluff loot’ in a scripted adventure.  Ultimately the writers of an adventure want you to experience the entire story they’ve taken enormous effort to write, beat the bad guy/s and be the heroes that you probably aren’t in your daily lives.  They want you to finish the adventure, to experience all of its twists and turns and to talk about all the amazing creatures and NPCs you came across, and the battles you fought hard to win!  To help you achieve that, they place items (both consumable and otherwise) that could be of use to you in your adventures.

So all you need to do is use them.



In the Giantslayer Adventure Path, Paizo have created a truly epic tale, but credit where credit’s due, the reason I bought the Pathfinder books, spent many enjoyable hours learning the rules and read through the Giantslayer AP, is down to a cool group of guys on the Glass Cannon podcast.  The 5 lads involved are, Troy Lavallee (GM), Skid Maher (GELABROUS FINN – Human Cleric), Joe O’Brien (LORC IRONTUSK – Half-Orc Ranger), Matthew Capodicasa (GORMLAITH KALL – Human Witch), and Grant Berger (BARRON REDHEART – Dwarf Gunslinger).


I strongly urge everyone EXCEPT MY PLAYERS, to download the podcast either from their site or via iTunes, put your feet up and spend hour after hour listening to these 5 guys have far too much fun, playing a game that they all clearly love.  A word of advice though, unless you’re comfortable bursting out laughing in front of people you don’t know, I’d listen to them in your own home or car.

You can also check out their YouTube channel where they are releasing ‘enhanced’ versions of the podcasts – as well as a few playthroughs of console and PC games.  

If that’s simply not enough for you, then follow their adventures on the following social media clients:


And no, I’m not getting paid for this.


2 thoughts on “Consumables – Use or Hoard?

  1. That’s helpful. I’m definitely a hoarder in RPGs. Whether they are weapons, equipment or consumables. There’s always this nagging feeling that you’re gonna need that item right after you ditched it or used it prematurely.

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