Session 1 Notes – Giantslayer – Hoss’ point of view

Matt = Jimmy

Brian = Mervin

Hadyn = Gary

Pasta = Hoss

Location: Trunau

Time: Hope Knife ceremony

Kurst and Rodrick (part time poet) – Defenders [High Rank]

We win tug of war because Rodrick was dodgy and obviously wanted daughter (Ruby) of chief to win. Also invited to join militia by Rodrick

Rodrick (part time poet) – Now dead

Kurst is in charge of the investigation but we decide to help cause he’s shit.

Clues..people to talk to investigate Rodricks death.

Cham Larringfass – Owner of the Ramblehouse (where we stayed)

Omast Frum – Surrogate father – on patrol (not too keen on the affair Rodrick is having with Half-Orc

Love affair with half orc weaver – Brinya Kelvar

Found secret draw when searching Rodricks room. Found receipt for hope knife from Urnsil the blacksmith.

Human male signed out last room after Rodrick rented his room but before we’d checked in. Found a secret note to Melira in his hidden draw.

Attacked by 3 wolves that had bleeders disease on the way to sanctuary (where the body of Rodick is).


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