Know Your Skills – Bluff

How well do you know the skills in Pathfinder?  I’m guessing “Not too well’, that’s fine, but you could probably learn a lot through simply reading the Core Rules descriptions for them. Seems silly to put points in a skill if you don’t know what it does in the game!

So, Bluff… Think about it…  What could it be used for in the context of the game?

bluff raising the flop

Pathfinder’s description of Bluff is this.

So you lie so convincingly that your target believes what you say.  The DC is variable depending on a great number of things, most of which you will probably not know anything about.

There are other facets of the skill that enable you to send secret hand messages, and to feint.  Personally, I find Feint as a skill…  Wrong.  Why on earth should having a good Charisma mean you can affect combat.  There’s more to a feint than a simple ‘head fake’. Feint is, if anything, a Combat Manoeuver; but it is certainly NOT a Skill Check. So that is OUT.

As for sending secret messages, I can’t see a huge use for it, but if it comes up I’m ok with that…  Even better if you fail the roll by 5+!  Now THAT will be entertainment!


Getting back to the ‘straight’, Bluff Skill Check, personally, I will not be running a “Roll your d20, add Bluff and beat a DC 18” style adventure…  It’s stagnant, and boring and…  Well, unimaginative, and that holds no sway with me, brother!!

Thou shalt come up with some good shizzle, something believable, something realistic and within the boundaries of the game.  I will adjust the DC in my own noggin and you can interpret the answer by my verbal and manneristic* response to your prose.

*I may have made up the word manneristic, but I like it, and will use it in many manneristically viable situations… With manneristicness.

Sound pretentious enough for you?




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