Interface Zero – Pathfinder Edition!

Completely by accident, I came across this piece of awesome!  It’s on Kickstarter at the moment and when I found it, and in spite of some of the bad Kickstarter experiences I’d read about, I jumped fully onboard.  Head and shoulders.

I am IN.


I absolutely LOVE the CyberPunk and Dystopia genres in gaming, books, comics, artwork…  All of it.  Phenomenal games like CyberPunk 2020, Interface Zero (Savage Worlds) and Shadowrun, are all great, and while some are complex, the sheer variance and practically endless storytelling that can be created within them is amazing.

You see this list of the books here…?  I’ve read ALL of them.  Every.  Single.  One., and while there are better ones and even one or two I didn’t really gel with, I enjoyed all of them.

My favourite was this one, by Nyx Smith, there was something about the character and the writing style that really appealed.


Anyway, while I could wax lyrical about Cyberpunk and Shadowrun, the reason that this Kickstarter really caught my eye, was that it uses the Pathfinder rules – which I’m currently learning for the Pathfinder Giantslayer adventure path I’m running with some friends.

While that campaign is going to take quite some time, and I am very psyched about it, there will be times when some of the players aren’t available for a session.  On those occasions, I’ve been thinking, ‘Rather than cancel the session, why don’t we play something else and continue to expand our RPG legs?’  This may well fall right into that area – although there’s plenty of benefit in staying within the Pathfinder Fantasy setting.

I suppose it comes down to the simple depth of fascination I have with the Cyberpunk genre and the storytelling I’ve enjoyed throughout the 70+ novels I’ve read within the genre – including the works of William Gibson, James Axler,  William W. Johnstone and many many others.


Don’t even get me started on all the movies!!


I’m going to have to do some thinking on this.  Foremost in my mind was an attempt at running Shadowrun 4e with some of the friends in the Pathfinder group, and it simply didn’t suit them.  They had no basis to work from, no history with the books and novels and simply found it too hard to get into.  Now, that was entirely my fault, I ran the game expecting them to do a little research, drowned them in technical details of the world and just rushed in.

The rules of the Shadowrun RPG are hard enough by themself, without taking into account the difficulties of understanding the setting and all of its intricacies!  I pushed too hard, too fast with a group that had never even played an RPG before.

Like I said, my mistake.

If this is going to happen and work, I plan on taking my time and heading into it, softly, softly.



4 thoughts on “Interface Zero – Pathfinder Edition!

  1. zhap77

    Yes it was your mistake. Let that be a lesson to you 😜

    I think the biggest issue is that we went from board style d&d to head space shadow run. A leap too far. However with pathfinder being a balance of the two I think if we do get into it it’ll be easier. Have you got a copy of that book?

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