Session 3 – Thoughts from the GM

So, quite a session last night!  Hopefully you all had as much fun as I did and found the rules less of a challenge to get your heads around!


For me it felt like you are getting the hang of it and were pretty nicely settled in.  There was more ‘take up’ with the NPC interaction, more thought around what course of action to take in combat, and some good deductive reasoning.

The main points that I want to raise are the same as last time:

  1. Know your Character and HeroLabs

  2. Share the Spotlight and encourage others

  3. Notes

  4. Keep checking this site

All in all, I really enjoyed the session, far more so than last time.  The only difference this time was that Pasta wasn’t there…  Hmmmmm.


No, in all seriousness though, there was more thought with what you wanted to do in combat, and even instances with you lot looking up rules!!  In all my days….

Ok, so here are my points, and in true Litigious American Fashion, let’s get this out of the way straight away…

None of this is talking to you, these comments are to the entire group.

All this is done in the spirit of helping the game be more exciting and giving everyone the best experience possible.  Otherwise, why bother playing? Right?!

Four Main Points From Last Session

  1. Know your Character & HeroLabs.


The knowledge of Herolabs is getting better which is great, and watching you sitting there helping each other answer queries other than relying on me to look things up for you is brilliant.  It really helps free me up to…  You know…  Do my job rather than yours!

I’m going to check up on Bleed damage as it would seem logical to me that there would be something in Herolabs to show you have that ‘Condition’.  While it can’t automate it, there should be a way of at least highlighting it so you can remember.

During the break between sessions, please spend 30 of the 19,920 minutes, to check over your own classes special abilities, actions, spells, and have a look at the blog site.

  1. Share the spotlight and encourage others.

That’s some profound Shizznazz!

There was a lot more shared time during this session, which was great to see.  I think that’s more down to being comfortable both playing the game and also, being amongst the other players at the table.  Do try and imagine the scene in your head.  As Bryan rightly said yesterday when Garlin was “hanging out” with Omast Frum, he had a few ideas on questions but didn’t know if Garlin or Omast would be able to hear him as he was at the bottom of the tower.

Do encourage each other generally, congratulate each other for a good roll, or a good idea, or a great idea.  I’m not talking about over doing it, but you’d be surprised how effective a simple comment like, “Nice one!” actually is.

  1. Notes


There are and will be times when a lot of information will be being given, and occasionally it’s simply too much for one person to be quick enough to write down.  That would be a problem if there was one player, but there isn’t, so keep helping each other by all taking some notes.

Do try and put them on the site as soon as you can, while your minds are fresh and clear.  It also gives the other players a chance to check them over and correct them or add to them if necessary.

  1. Keep checking this Site


I’m going to continue writing up details of the various skills, as I believe that they are very useful as a reference and when combined with the official Paizo write ups, should tell you everything you could possibly want to know.

Please continue to keep an eye on the site, and the posts I make.  I try and make them entertaining and easy to read, and try to make them as short as possible (honest!).  If you read a post and have any thoughts or found it useful, give it a ‘Like’ or make a comment!

It’s good for me to be able to see you commenting and making suggestions or asking questions as it means I’m helping and that makes it worthwhile…  If I don’t see anything I start to wonder if there’s any point.

Quiz From Last Session

This is something I clearly forgot to do at the last session, so I’ll hang my head in shame and get back to this next time! However, to foreshadow the next session, I’ll be asking the following:

>What are the benefits of Fighting Defensively?

  • .

>If you’re Prone, do you get a bonus or a negative from Ranged Attacks against you?  What about if you’re Prone and being attacked from Melee?

  • .

>What’s the difference between Delaying an Action and Readying an Action?

  • .

>What does the ‘Withdraw’ action enable you to do?

  • .

House Rules & Relevant Posts That Came Into Play


Other Comments


  • We started playing about 5 minutes after we all got there!  I was last in, which won’t happen again I hope!  Kicked off at about 6:25, brilliant!
  • Sorting out your own food ahead of time saved us a LOT of time too.
  • Everyone is really starting to get the hang of the mechanics!
  • If any of you are thinking of increasing your Nerd Rating or want to increase the ease of access to the rules, I heartily recommend the app called, PFRPG rd.  I use it a lot and the fact that it has a fast index and you can bookmark anything you want AND have multiple pages open at once makes it really useful.  It’s as if this guy created Google for Pathfinder!
  • The main combat was slow, and that’s absolutely fine.  We spent time to get it right and work out your best options, explore what was possible inside the rules and act.
  • As some advice, if an enemy has very low HP, finish him off!  Don’t let him run around continuing to do damage to you while you attack others.  While there was tight quarters in that room, you could have manoeuvred the battlefield to your advantage a few times.
  • Suggestion for you all – at the last session on the 1st December, we could finish at 9 and go to the pub for a couple of rounds?  I can’t make the fortnight Thursday from there as I’m flying out the next day.

Highlights For Me.


  • Again, I loved the Roleplay.
  • You found the first of the major breaks in the investigation!  The ‘Muse’ Katrezra, and Rodrik’s Journal.
  • Next on the agenda…  Where’s Umlo?  Where’s Rodrik’s Hopeknife?  Is there something going on at the Plaguehouse?
  • We’re all learning.  I’ll say that first…  Casting spells while in Melee range, now, I think it’s safe to say that we learned it’s a bad idea and should be avoided?  Question is…  Will Gary realise that too?!
  • Gary’s conversation with Omast Frum; *hey, come here* Watch out for those Halfies!  They steal!
  • Potential love interest for Hoss extinguished?
  • No Gold Coin Award (GCA) this session as I forgot, but there were a few things I could have awarded one or two for.  I won’t do them retrospectively though.  Remind me if you think you’ve done something cool or awesome, if I agree, the rewards are there to be had!

IC Commentary


“Wow, these guys so need me! Clearly the “stick them with the pointy end” method of problem solving isnt my preferred method. Sometimes I like to sneak past my assailant, sometimes I like to talk the assailant into ignoring me, but I consider myself the better adventurer when I don’t have to run my assailant through – or can at least set my assailant up so one of my friends can instead, and after I distracted one of the female assassins with my dagger (and good looks) that’s exactly what I did. I took the pain of her attention, while they took the glory of battle. I know they’ll thank me later!”


“Something didn’t feel right today! I just didn’t feel myself. Its not something I can explain really. The best way I can is to say it felt like someone was controlling me, in my head, making me move in ways I hadn’t before. And I loved it! I felt so invigorated as I danced my way around our room slaying the assassins who so ruthlessly attacked us while we slept. Block. Slash. Kill! Block. Slash. Kill! Raaaaaaarrrrr! I hope this feeling continues, but I get a sense its already starting to leave me, oh well, back to the boring old me!”



“Seems like a bit of a risk joining this crew but they seem to be able to handle themselves in a fight, if a bit unorthodox. Need to ask that cleric where he learnt that ‘floor casting’ technique and what he calls it. And that Hoss guy! Seems like he just knew where I was going to be about halfway into the ambush and showing off like that. Gave me all the distraction I needed to do some damage. Couldn’t see that mouthy Halfling most of the fight but was good he kept banging that drum to let us know where he was – oddly comforting despite fighting for our lives with assassins from who even knows! Well, at least now I have two reasons to get to the bottom of this murder…”

GCA Session Award

Simple rules for this:

  • You get two votes, one for 3 points and one for 1 point;
  • You can’t vote for yourself; and
  • You can’t vote for the same character twice.

Votes were gathered from Hadyn and Bryan – Jeff didn’t vote, Hoss was absent from the session.


Ambar     6

Garlin      1

Hoss        0

Mervyn   1

So the GCA goes to Ambar – you have 1 GCA to use at the next session.



Persistent Characters

Ambar – Jeff …  Played by Adam Baldwin (Firefly / Serenity)

Garlin ‘Gary’ Lancaster – Hadyn …  Played by Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)

Hoss – Jeff (WTF?!) …  Played by Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones)

Mervyn T Butterscotch II – Bryan …  Played by Hugh Laurie (House)

Support Characters

Omast Frum – Hob Boskins
Agrit Staginsdar – Mlecia Beth Aoore (Kinp)
Katrezra – Sonald Dutherland
Sara Morninghawk – Eorey Cverson
Tyari Varvatos – Hnne Aathaway
Brantos Calderone – Mason Jamoa

2 thoughts on “Session 3 – Thoughts from the GM

  1. pastarelli

    Nice write up.

    I got a good debrief after the session so this help paint the picture a bit better. I’m also glad I didn’t die, and that I scored a 10 additional health…nice!

    p.s. FU Hadyn, I’m sure Hoss’s write up would have been more like… “I felt out of my skin, like I was being molested the whole time”.

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