Plague-house of fun….Session 3

We head to the plague-house on dusk…for some silly reason.

On entering the burnt out, crumbling house we head into the first room which has beds all lined up inside. Ambar discovers an ornate hope knife and Hoss finds a trap door. All of a sudden 11 burnt apparitions who are spewing flames out of their mouths appear on the beds in the room. The sight of them scares everyone out of the room but cool guy Mervin. Mervin calmly explains that they are Haunts and they are a fear trap. We decide to leave them alone for now and continue to search the house.

While searching the large area after the entrance Ambar gets ambushed by a giant-ass spider. We slay the spider with some good positioning, but Ambar gets bitten which weakens him to the point of collapse (not even a Gold Coin Award (GCA) was able to save him). While we wait for Ambar to recover Gary finds “the” hope knife. It’s Brinya’s lost hope knife. Gary also finds a hidden part in the back of the bookshelf with has inside it a gold coffer (which is apparently empty).

At a cabinet in the same room Gary finds a collection of hidden goodies.

  1. 2 iron flasks. 1st one is “Oil of magic weapon”(+1 Hit & Damage), 2nd one has a potion “Shield of Faith” (+2 AC)
  2. A beaten scroll case containing two scrolls – Scroll of knock & summon swarm
  3. Two vials of a liquid which we later discover is holy water.

We pocket the loot and continue to search the room.

While looking at the north end of the room, two spiders (smaller than the last one) drop down on Mervin. Ambar kills the first spider with one almighty shot from his heavy crossbow. While fighting the second spider, the floor gives way. Hoss manages to move out of danger but Mervin tumbles down to the floor below and hurts himself badly (shaken). He finds himself in some sort of dungeon with a tunnel and there is screeching coming from the dark. Mervin manages to heal himself to a stable state but is attacked. Thanks to Gary’s GCA and a great roll by Mervin himself he is able to save himself from getting bitten, only taking on some light wounds at first.

Up top we continue to fight the remaining spider

With dexterity, Ambar avoids the opportunity spider attack while throwing a lifesaving rope down to Mervin. Mervin ties the rope around himself and tries to make his way up the rope but is unable to get far.

With some lucky throws, Hoss managers to crush the spider, grab the rope and start to pull Mervin up. With the rest of the group we heave Mervin up from certain death. Unfortunately Mervin gets bitten by something that gives him filth fever disease as we are pulling him up. Mervin channels some positive energy to heal us all up.

A fear trap, one giant-ass spider, two smaller ones, a deathly dungeon below us, something creeping in the next room, Mervin with Filth fever and darkness upon us, the “fearless” ones decide to continue looking around and find themselves in combat with 2 large centipedes. Bravo


Hoss 5

Amber 7

Gary ?

Mervin ?


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