Plaguehouse Blues – Session 4

Back at the Plaguehouse……We dispatch the centipedes with relative ease and decided to clear out the stairs to access the lock box before packing it in for the night.

Hoss stealthily opens the door and surprises two Dire rats. What was also surprising is that while dispatching the dire rats Hoss missed most of his shots…it would be the theme for the rest of the evening for unlucky young Hoss.

Mervin managed to be a melee king and played whack-a-rat along with Ambar. While fighting, another Dire Rat appeared but we managed to dispatched all three without serious harm. Hoss and Ambar get bitten but it appears to not cause any major harm at this point.

Inside the stairwell, Ambar manages to unlock the lock box and find the following inside….

Potion – Dark Vision (see 60 feet in total darkness)

Scoll – Bark Skin (10mins per level + 2 AC)

Scoll – Ghost Baine Dirge (ethereal creatures

Hand Crossbow – Masterwork +1 hit

Case 10 x crossbow bolts Normal, Cold iron, Silver (each)

Upon leaving the plague house we discovered some signal stones. After MUCH discussion Hoss decides to take them to disrupt whatever signal is being sent.

Back to Trunau. Spoke with Roddricks brothers for a time and told him about his brothers hope knife. It appears that Roddricks suicide was a set up and he was likely murdered. Hoss thought it a good idea not to show our hand until we had all the facts and rudely interrupted the conversation with talks of ale. We rested for the night and then visited the Sanctuary to have our dungeon aids (rat bites) cured.

Back to the Plaguehouse where we notice the signal stones are back.

We go to the trap door in the room with the beds and Hoss gets an arrow to the face from the trap that was set…this wouldn’t be the last trap either. We lower Gary down who discovers a room with some doors. It seems like a bad idea to just drop in from above so we decide to go down the stairs instead.

Gary discovers a cool masterwork longsword on a statue and gives it to Hoss. We try to enter the room all ninja like but the bear traps under the floor catch us by surprise. Hoss, Mervin and Ambar cop some serious damage. After Ambar and Gary release us from the traps, we find ourselves entering the room we were going to drop in on.

The bear traps have done their work. Due to the leg damage Hoss’s usual reflexes are terrible and he gets entangled in a flaming sack of chemical fire which hurts him a lot. He struggles madly to try and put the flames out. While trying to douse the flames a named troll and half-orc enter the fray and start attacking.

Gary tries to assist Hoss and manages to slightly dampen the flames while also trying to dodge attacks from the half-orc.

Meanwhile, the Troll is focusing his attack on Mervin, Ambar see’s his opening and moves into a flanking position and lands two serious shots into the back of the troll…..

The song “Everybody hurts” by R.E.M starts to play as the credits roll on the end of session 4

Initiative order…..








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