Session 5 – Thoughts from the GM

Lots of fun last session!  The session moved along pretty smoothly and you got quite a lot done, almost completing your search of the ground floor of the Plague House.


Seems like most of you are getting the hang of the rules and your characters now, and combat was moving a little faster.  While combat in Pathfinder is not as arduous and longwinded as that god awful D&D 4e ‘thing’; hated that btw.

The main points this time are the same as last:

  1. Learn HeroLabs

  2. “Responsibilities”

  3. Notes

  4. Keep checking this site

Message from the 13Donkeys legal team…

Ok, so here are my points, and in true Litigious American Fashion, let’s get this out of the way straight away…
None of this is talking to you, these comments are to the entire group; although some points are more relevant to some than others.
All this is done in the spirit of helping the game be more exciting and giving everyone the best experience possible.  Otherwise, why bother playing?  Right?!

So, with that out of the way…

Four Main Points From Last Session

  1. Learn HeroLabs.


The knowledge of Herolabs is getting much better which is great, and watching you sitting there helping each other answer queries other than relying on me to look things up for you is brilliant.  Each time we get into it I’m impressed how good the program is and how useful it is turning out to be.

  1. “Responsibilities”


In the loosest possible sense of the word, here is a list of the things that I would like you to do asap after the session:

  • In Character Commentary – send me a paragraph as if you were your character, describing thoughts/comments/feelings about what happened in the last session.
  • GCA Session Award – Have a think about the last session and who the MVP was in your eyes…  Details on how this is done are below but if I don’t receive a response from each of you, a GCA will not be awarded.
  • Update your character sheets with whatever equipment you picked up last time and divvied up.  If it’s not on your sheet, you don’t have it.”
  • Put your own notes on the site, don’t just leave it to one person.
  • Keep researching the Class you chose to play in this adventure.  You’re all a vital part of the party and the other players need you to support the party by playing your Class as best you can.
  • Check this site, there’s good information on here, I promise!
  1. Notes.


If you don’t take notes, you will forget important pieces of information.  There will be times when a lot of information will be being given, and it will be simply too much for one person to be quick enough to write it all down.  So help the party out by taking your own notes.  Pasta is doing a great job of this at the moment and you should all be supporting him in that.

Do try and put them on the site as soon as you can too, as your minds will be fresh and clear from the ‘recent’ session.  It also gives the other players a chance to check them / correct them / add to them / reveal things they’d missed.

Trust me, this is important and as the adventure progresses, more avenues of investigation will open, more information will be learned, multiple story threads will progress…  The notes you take will be vital.

  1. Keep Checking This Site.


I’m going to continue writing up details of the various skills, as I believe that they are very useful as a reference and when combined with the official Paizo write ups, should tell you everything you could possibly want to know.

Please continue to keep an eye on the site, and the posts I make.  I try and make them entertaining and easy to read, and try to make them as short as possible (honest!).  If you read a post and have any thoughts or found it useful, give it a ‘Like’ or make a comment!

It’s good for me to be able to see you commenting and making suggestions or asking questions as it means I’m helping and that makes it worthwhile…

If I don’t see anything I start to wonder if there’s any point in doing this.

Quiz From Last Session


To foreshadow the next session, I’ll be asking the following:

>What is the damage penalty when you decide to do non-lethal damage?

  • .

>Fighting Defensively is a Full Round Action.  What are the modifiers that you receive for using this?

  • .

>What are the benefits of a ‘Reach’ weapon?

  • .

>There are two rules regarding reading/deciphering a scroll, what are they and what’s the difference?

  • .

House Rules & Relevant Posts That Came Into Play


Other Comments.


  • Kicked off good and early, excellent.

  • Once again, everyone is getting more comfortable with both the game and their own characters/classes.

  • First use of a Cure Light Wounds potion!

  • Learning to use scrolls.

  • Combat progressed pretty well all in all, I could see instances of your all working out your next move while it was someone else’s turn.  That really helps keep things moving!

Highlights For Me.


  • Camaraderie. Lots of it, love that!  Lots of congratulations and encouragement.

  • Prioritisation.  I very much enjoyed the thoughts and consideration given to some of the actions you took.  Also appreciated instances where other players didn’t say, No!  Don’t do that!!!! Do what I want you to do!!

  • Tactics  Controlling the fight with the Giant Centipedes and the Dire Rats.

  • Hoss realising he wasn’t INVINCIBLE!

  • Now THAT was damage! Holy pants!  Great work Ambar.

IC Commentary



Playing drums, inspiring courage, perceiving everything, knowing shit loads is all in a days work for Gary!! Being lowered into a room as bait with who knows what down there can now be added to the list of things I’m awesome at. That and throwing knives at walls behind dire rats. Nailed that one too. I’m turning out to be the main cog in this team, except for tanking, healing and dps.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone this but I totally saw the bear traps in the floor. Seeing them go off was hilarious! Of course my face didn’t reveal the hilarity of the situation but mental note to self: must write an epic tale about that prank!


How’d did I get here? Am I not worthy of a name?  It seems that Desna is testing me, for when I feel I am strong, I am shown to be weak. When I normally show trust, I am now suddenly suspicious. Maybe it’s this cursed land but tonight I don’t feel like myself. My sword and shield are heavy. Attaining a worthy name is going to be far more dangerous than I imaged.

An arrow to the face. A bear trap to the legs. Move into the room and regroup….  Out of the frying pan and into the fire…  Literally. I’m so damn sore right now I can hardly stand to fight. I really hate this place. Lucky for me I have companions who are willing to take the mantel when I cannot.

I’m getting myself a flagon of firewater and two whores if I survive this.


Got tested and found out I had filth fever.  All good now but that was a bit of a shock. Assume I got it from one of the rats in the plague house but you never know.  To be safe I better let a few people know they should also get tested.


Must have been some wood alcohol in those drinks the other night cos it appears I’m blind what with all the traps and rats and spiders I’ve been busy not seeing and then there was that lock box. Blaming my tools seems a little too easy too. *Looks at sword in right hand* Though come on Gretchen – 4 in a row? You’re letting me down. *Looks at sword in left* This blade I liberated from one of those assassins is making you look bad. *grins* I’m gonna call you Suzy.

Still trying to crack the signal stones code – it’s clearly signalling someone in town but who and why I feel are important. And if I was going to do over looking at that statue with the fancy arse sword I think if we had given it a push we might have had an easier run just now.

Oh. And spiders, sure. I get spiders. Centipedes? No problem. Giant rats? Look, I can deal and I hear Dungeon AIDS has a cure. Trolls though – I need a hand. Trading blows with a troll is a losing game. And where is that hand? Glued to the floor and on fire. I don’t want to sound ungrateful – when it comes to being on fire I like to leave it to the experts. And Hoss, you’re a pro.

Hold up – Merv’s just had a word with Ugly here. Gretchen and Suzy have something to add…

GCA Session Award


Simple rules for this:

  • You get two votes, one for 3 points and one for 1 point;
  • You can’t vote for yourself;
  • You can’t vote for the same character twice; and
  • Every votes or no one gets the GCA.

Votes were gathered from Bryan, Hadyn, and Jeff  …- Pasta didn’t vote.


Ambar     6

Garlin      1

Hoss        1

Mervyn   4

So the GCA goes to ********** – you have 1 GCA to use at the next session.



Persistent Characters

Ambar – Jeff …  Played by Adam Baldwin (Firefly / Serenity)

Garlin ‘Gary’ Lancaster – Hadyn …  Played by Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)

Hoss – Pasta  …  Played by Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones)

Mervyn T Butterscotch II – Bryan …  Played by Hugh Laurie (House)


Support Characters

“Currently Unknown Combatant” – Barry Pepper

…Next Time on Giantslayer…



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