A Troll, an Orc and a Blob walk into a plague house….Session 5

The fight in the room continues with the hero’s facing off against the Troll and Half Orc once again…

Mervin throws out nearly all his healing to keep the crew alive. The Troll smashes Ambar who drops to the floor.  Seeing Ambar go down, Hoss in a moment of rage spins and cleaves the Troll to finish him off.

Gary feeds Ambar a potion and manages to get him back on his feet. Just in time really, as the dead Troll is now alive due to his regenerative powers. Ambar manages to put a lovely arrow into the Troll which slices an artery and slowly bleeds the Troll. While this is going on, Hoss keeps the half-orc busy. However the half-orc decides to move away and swallow a potion of invisibility and disappears. Mervin see’s the half-orc at the end of the corridor. He also sees a bolt hurtling towards him having been fired by the HALF-ORC who has now disappeared around the corner.

With the Troll on the ground unconscious, Hoss sets it alight to stop it regenerating and killing it forever. With the room now empty of threats Ambar gets to work on disabling the bear traps while we search the room.

In a chest we find the following:

  • Ounce of sovereign glue
  • 2 doses of universal solvent
  • 50 foot silk rope
  • Disguise kit x 6 uses
  • Nobles outfit
  • Signet ring
  • 237 Gold pieces, 155 silver, 55 copper

With the HALF-ORC gone we decide to look in another room. Hoss immediately gets swallowed up by a giant blob and gets paralysed forever. Gary deflects some attacks from the blob while also tying a silk rope to a statue and retreating out of the room. The hope is the rope will go through the blob and pull Hoss out.

Ambar comes in from another angle and gets to work. He fires an arrow in the blob and then slices it while manoeuvring out of the room. Mervin ties a rope around Ambar in the hopes of pulling him free if he is sucked in but inadvertently gets caught himself. Thinking quickly Ambar grabs the rope still attached to unconscious Mervin and pulls him out of the blob. Sneakily Gary ties a rope around the port cutlass leaver and begins to lure the blob into the room under the port cutlass.

With the blob mostly through the doorway, Gary drops the port cutlass on the blob. Managing to damage it and also releasing Hoss on the other side of the gate (the safe side). The blob swallows Gary in its rage. Ambar drops unconscious Mervin and moves through the corridors to attack the blob. The HALF-ORC shows up again and Ambar goes to shoot it but crit-fails and manages to bleed his dex. Even though Ambar missed the HALF-ORC his positioning draws the blob through the corridor effectively cutting off the HALF-ORC from future attacks. Armbar makes a defensive retreat. While all this is going on, Mervin sorts himself out and then goes to Hoss’s aid. Once stabilized and conscious, Hoss sets up in a defensive position and waits to draw the blob further down the corridor in the hopes that each of the remaining party can take a shot at the creature, wear it down and save Gary who’s still stuck inside it.

Unaware of what a mostly dead blob looks like Hoss manages to kill it with a javelin to the face/faces/side/front/back whatever….. The crew is wrecked and close to death….but not close enough to forget to check out the cool shiny stuff stuck in the dead blob.

On inspection we find…

  • Steel scroll case containing 1 scroll (yet to be identfied)
  • masterwork chain shirt
  • 1 Falchion – Sword
  • Star rose quartz amulet
  • 20 Gold pieces, 95 Silver, 144 Copper

Still downstairs in the plague house with a disappearing HALF-ORC floating around the crew decides to call it for the night……


Other loot previously collected:

  • Oil of Magic Weapon (Hoss)
  • Potion of Shielf of Faith (Hoss)
  • Scroll of Knock (Ambar)
  • Scroll of Summon Swarm (Gary)
  • Potion of Dark Vision
  • Scroll of Bark Skin
  • Scroll of Ghost Bane Durge
  • Masterwork Hand Crossbow
  • 10 x bolts
  • 10 x cold iron bolts – demons & fae creatures
  • 10 x silver bolts – werecreatures
  • 2 x vials of holy water
  • 14 gold pieces
  • 3 sets of thieves tools
  • 1 gem beryl (~20-40GP)
  • 3 x smoke sticks
  • 2 x vials of toxin (Ambar)
  • 4 x vials of anti-toxin?
  • 2 x spades
  • 2 x pick axes
  • 1 x ornate hope knife
  • 1 x Rodericks hope knife

One thought on “A Troll, an Orc and a Blob walk into a plague house….Session 5

  1. Many thanks to Pasta and Hadyn for keeping this up to date; with spell checks!

    Please make sure that the gear that you’ve collected is distributed amongst the characters, so that you know who has what.

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