Session 6 – Thoughts from the GM


So, a rather Epic session last time.  I know we throw the word ‘epic’ around a lot, but I think it was very much appropriate in the last session.

The last session ended with a soon to be dead Troll, most of the party with less than 50% HP, and an elusive Half-Orc causing trouble.  During the previous week, I’d considered what the Troll and Half-Orc were going to do on their turns, and as we ran through the initiative order and continued, their turns came up and the Troll takes Ambar down and the Half-Orc goes invisible.


It was an interesting time for me.  To see how you would react to the first party member going down, and the threat of Hoss being effectively removed from the fight.

The subsequent encounter with the Gelatinous Cube and the clever use of bait and switch to lead the cube around was great, details are available in Hoss’ post here.

From my perspective, once I arranged for the Half-Orc to leave the combat, it was a matter of time, and simple movement on the map for him to set up his next attack, and it took a while.  There was one opportunity that would more than likely have been fatal, and while I don’t want to pull punches on you as it seems…  Almost unfair, and childish, being the soul cause for a TPK is not something I want; unless you do something truly idiotic!

So, you’re not in good shape, and there’s a Half-Orc on the hunt.


Things to draw your attention to:

  1. Hoss disengaging from the Half-Orc and swinging at the Troll instead, should have drawn an Attack of Opportunity from the Half-Orc.  Simply put, you’re turning your back on the person you’re actively in combat with, and focusing on someone else.  The gives them an opportunity as you’re leaving yourself open to them.
    • I just rolled the attack for fun, a 20 to Hit on Hoss, and 11 damage.
  2. Impressive thoughts on ‘dragging’ engulfed PCs out of the Cube, the rope’s HP would be dissolved in a single round but the idea was very clever so I ran with it.  Plus, the use of the portcullis, brilliant.  I’ve contacted the guy that wrote the story for book one and asked him if that was the reason the portcullis was in the room…  I can’t see any other reason.
  3. Don’t forget the new “Rest Mechanic” that we put into play.  While we moved away from the Vigour side of things, the rest idea is still there.  It may help you get after that Half-Orc because if you decide to leave and take your 8 hour rest, he will have the chance to either disappear completely or to bolster up the defences ready for your next visit to the Plague House…  Or both.
  4. You need to work out what you’re taking with you and what you’re dumping before we start the next session.  I mention this every session, and you’re currently all wearing armour, carrying weapons, spades, pick axes and backpacks, AND carrying all of this too:
    • Oil of Magic Weapon (Hoss)
    • Potion of Shield of Faith (Hoss)
    • Scroll of Knock (Ambar)
    • Scroll of Summon Swarm (Gary)
    • Potion of Dark Vision
    • Scroll of Bark Skin
    • Scroll of Ghost Bane Durge
    • Masterwork Hand Crossbow
    • 10 x bolts
    • 10 x cold iron bolts – demons & fae creatures
    • 10 x silver bolts – werecreatures
    • 2 x vials of holy water
    • 3 sets of thieves tools
    • 1 gem beryl (~20-40GP)
    • 3 x smoke sticks
    • 2 x vials of toxin (Ambar)
    • 4 x vials of anti-toxin?
    • 2 x spades
    • 2 x pick axes
    • 1 x ornate hope knife
    • 1 x Rodrick’s hope knife
    • Steel scroll case containing 1 scroll (yet to be identified)
    • Masterwork chain shirt
    • 1 Falchion – Sword
    • Star rose quartz amulet
    • 20 Gold pieces, 95 Silver, 144 Copper, 14 gold pieces

I don’t think so guys.


While most of these items are small sized, it all adds up.  Sort it out please.

Player Submissions



I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew! Yeah sure I project an image of confidence, arrogance even, but inside I’m starting to wilt. This is a far cry from being by the side of my beloved King. I’m an entertainer, not an adventurer! And whilst I’m certainly gaining experience of which to draw material from for my stories and epic tales, I fear I wont live to be able to use any of it. Being slowly eaten away by acid inside a blob of some description certainly adds some perspective.

Whats worse is that I feel like I’m dragging my compatriots down. Whilst I’m sure they are enjoying the odd ditty and my infectious personality, personality and drums isn’t getting the job done. Especially not when the job involves the killing of copious amounts of bad people of which we keep running into. I’m not sure I can keep this up…


3 to Ambar:

  • for deftly disarming traps
  • for the awesome bleed crit on the troll
  • for the not so awesome fail crit which resulted in a dex bleed to himself.
  • for tying a rope around himself to haul Mervin out of the blob
  • for tanking the blob and the half-orc in the corridor
  • for controlling 2 characters throughout the evening
  • for dealing with the massive disappointment of not getting his satellite dish installed

1 to Hoss – for the javelin through that killed the blob and torching the troll. Apart from that he was inside a blob for most of the game doing nothing.


2 thoughts on “Session 6 – Thoughts from the GM

  1. zhap77

    Definitely Epic! I don’t know about the others but I’m having a great time. The best part is that the group is gelling really well, which from experience is half the battle.

    Agree we need to sort out inventory. When I wrote it all out I was thinking there was no way we can carry that much stuff. We also need to use it. I mean we’re in a fight with named characters we should be “popping cooldowns” so to speak.

    I also think we should also stay and try and kill the half orc. If we rest and use some of our stuff we should be ok.

    1. I’m having a great time too, and it only gets better from here!

      This is very much chapter 2, and it gets so much better from here on. This is just the investigation, wait till the ‘proverbial’ starts to fly!!!

      I really want to tell you all the things that are coming up!! I won’t… But I really want to!

      Suffice to say, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!

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