130221 – First Games Night of 2013

The year started off very well!  There were a load of games that hadn’t been played before, far too many to mention to be honest..  A little scary how many.  However, after a lot of contemplation and chats with the Lads (mostly Lee) we decided on a pair of games, knowing full well that the second one would run long but not by how much – there were a tonne of backups of course, Formula D, Robo Rally etc.  The first game we decided on was…


This was a simple choice.  A great game that was playable by all ages, cooperative, easy to play and to explain.  The game was set up, with the kids joining in with me and Hadyn and just before we were about to start, Lee turned up, grabbed a beer and joined in too.


There were a few explosions but nothing our team needed to worry about!!

fire explosion

Everything moved along nicely, with Miss Bubs being one of the key players…  Putting out fires all over the place.  A few ‘unfortunate’ dice rolls saw comical instances of Mr Awesome ‘accidentally’ rolling (on two occasions, bless him!) the square Hadyn was on resulting in him being “blown up”.  MAN DOWN!!!


Leon turned up for his first Boardgame Geek Night, and joined in…  Suffice to say, he brought the mayhem with him.

Evil Grin

We ended up winning shortly after Mark rolled up (and possibly because, I’m sure he’d say!), but it was definitely due to the awesome combination of beer, laughing, the kids, and in spite of some of Leon’s rolls!!

We win

All in all, good fun, simple gameplay, a theme anyone can relate to and one that the whole family can have fun with.

So with the kids happily heading to bed…


We opened up the next game.  This was one that Lee and I had read the rules for and were really hoping would be a winner…


Complex?  Well…  Not too bad but certainly far more so than Flash Point (at the basic level we played).  It’s VERY thematic and with my gaming group, I was sure would be an almost surefire hit…

fingers crossed

Not sure about the ‘I hope I’m a Cylon‘ attitude around the table at the beginning though!!


After a long explanation… Sorry guys!!  We kicked off an ‘open’ game to learn the rules etc.  It was 20:30.  90 minutes later and with most of the confusion sunsetted, we embarked on what I hoped would be one of our favourite games.


With the game set up, characters chosen (with most certainly NOT the best mix), sides undisclosed (hehehehe), we warped out to galaxies far far away and suspiciously started ‘playing alonside each other’.


There was still some elements of learning as we went, but that was to be expected, and even Hadyn (who hates a game with more than about 5 rules) enjoyed himself as we made good headway into the mission.

So our chosen ‘heroes’ were…

Chief (Me)


Boomer (Hadyn)


Starbuck (Leon)


William Adama (Lee)


and Gaius Baltar (Mark)


…started playing well with each other… Mostly.  Then it was “agreed”, and captained by ‘Chief Witch Hunter’ Boomer that ‘Chief’ was a Cylon and should head for the Brig!  There was no proof, but Boomer’s emphatic spew of ‘Cylonesque passion’ saw an innocent man incarcerated.


We hit the midway point.  The potential game changer for those still human…  Little did we know that no one had been a Cylon in the first part of the game!


A quiet first jump after the midway point with me sipping cappuchino and calling out for more biscotti in the Brig still and then…


All hell broke loose.  Cylons everywhere.  Me in the Brig still, in spite of Gaius Baltar using one of the Quorum cards (special cards only available to the President) to take a look at my card and sharing his findings with everyone else that I was HUMAN.


Starbuckwas out being ‘a magnificent (wo)man in her flying machine’, with me, even giving him a card on my turn that granted him an extra turn to which she…  Blew up more Cylons!!


Awesome!  Starbuck’s definitely not a Cylon then!

Rest of the game had some suspicion momentarily on Lee which he eluded (more beer for this man next time oplease!).  I spent the rest of the game in the Brig, with everyone else running around wondering why the Cylons didn’t seem to be affecting our progress too much.  We (the humans) ended up winning the game, which from everything I’d read from http://www.boardgamegeek.com was extremely rare.

Had anyone been a Cylon?  Hmmmm…?  Yep.  Starbuck (Leon) was!  Questions and commentary flew around the table, and then most remembered a small area of the board…


The Cylon play area…  Or Human ‘We’re in deep dark doo doo!’ area.

The games night ended at 2a.m.  Plenty to think about, and a great deal of conversations the following day with Lee and I discussing how to use the Cylon side to a greater extent and still be able to hide.  All that information will be shared amongst the group, so as to make the next game far harder (my group aren’t big fans of easy street).

All in all though, much fun was had, a fair amount of beer and tea was drunk and none of us got in trouble with our other halves for being late!

Post Game Night Note (try saying that five times really fast!)

At the back of the rulebook (page 29) is a page that talks about human and Cylon strategies, and in fairness no one know much about it BUT now, there’s no excuse..!

For those interested…  Like Hadyn…  The rulebook can be downloaded from this link –  http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Battlestar_Galactica/bsg-rulebook-web.pdf


4 thoughts on “130221 – First Games Night of 2013

    1. You can prove that on the next evening matey! How about I send you the rules for the next game and you can learn them and teach everyone else?! Sounds like a great idea yes?

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