Know Your Skills – Escape Artist

How well do you know the skills in Pathfinder?

‘Not too well’?  That’s fine, that’s what this is for!  After all, why would you put points in a skill when you don’t understand what it actually does in the context of the game?

There is more information available in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook (now in A5 paperback too!) and Paizo’s Online Reference Document; plus I found a great app for phones/tablets that provides full offline access to every rule that Paizo have, and will, ever release (iOS / Android).

So, Escape Artist…  Sounds obvious?  Ok, but what could it be used for in the context of the game?


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Session 2 – Thoughts from the GM

So, quite a session last night!  Hopefully you all had as much fun as I did and found the rules less of a challenge to get your heads around!


For me it felt like you were all more comfortable, got into your roles (and your rolls!), interacted more with the storyline and listened (mostly) to what I was saying and describing.

The main points that I want to raise are the following:

  1. Know your Character and HeroLabs

  2. Share the Spotlight and encourage others

  3. Notes

  4. Keep checking this site!

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