A Troll, an Orc and a Blob walk into a plague house….Session 5

The fight in the room continues with the hero’s facing off against the Troll and Half Orc once again…

Mervin throws out nearly all his healing to keep the crew alive. The Troll smashes Ambar who drops to the floor.  Seeing Ambar go down, Hoss in a moment of rage spins and cleaves the Troll to finish him off.

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Plaguehouse Blues – Session 4

Back at the Plaguehouse……We dispatch the centipedes with relative ease and decided to clear out the stairs to access the lock box before packing it in for the night.

Hoss stealthily opens the door and surprises two Dire rats. What was also surprising is that while dispatching the dire rats Hoss missed most of his shots…it would be the theme for the rest of the evening for unlucky young Hoss.

Mervin managed to be a melee king and played whack-a-rat along with Ambar. While fighting, another Dire Rat appeared but we managed to dispatched all three without serious harm. Hoss and Ambar get bitten but it appears to not cause any major harm at this point.

Inside the stairwell, Ambar manages to unlock the lock box and find the following inside….

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Plague-house of fun….Session 3

We head to the plague-house on dusk…for some silly reason.

On entering the burnt out, crumbling house we head into the first room which has beds all lined up inside. Ambar discovers an ornate hope knife and Hoss finds a trap door. All of a sudden 11 burnt apparitions who are spewing flames out of their mouths appear on the beds in the room. The sight of them scares everyone out of the room but cool guy Mervin. Mervin calmly explains that they are Haunts and they are a fear trap. We decide to leave them alone for now and continue to search the house.

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Session 2 Notes – Investigate, Assassinate

Hit up the Sanctuary to check out Rodrick's corpse and possessions. Meet Tyari Varvados who runs the sanctuary.

 While looking over Rodricks corpse Mervin discovered oil of taggart in his blood which paralyses the victim.

Went to Blacksmith to follow up leads and spoke with Sarah Morning hawk the owner of Clamour (nickname of the smithy joint). 
She was commissioned for a new hope knife by Roddrick. Knife was supposed to have engraving on it. Our hope knife is the same one she worked on but it doesn't have the engraving. Urnsil (half Orc blacksmith apprentice) was also working on the knife and hadn't turned up to work that day.

Went to all the hostels to find this Urnsil but have had little luck. She had visited the other pub but hadn't been seen for days.

Decided to visit Brinya who was upset. Questioned her about Roddrick and hope knives. Roddick lost Brinya's hope knife while he was investigating something secret. Brinya has Roddricks hope knife (they swapped when they got engaged). She mentioned a diary he keeps which might have clues about his secret investigation (which was going to be huge for his career). Brinya mentioned that Roddrick had a thoughtful muse at the Sanctuary which is where he spent a bit of time.

Back to Inn, Ambar lost some good coin and Gary told a decent story. Gary remembered that the graffiti in the Orcs trashed room at this Inn was similar to graffiti seen at the sanctuary.

Bed time. While sleeping we were suddenly attacked by a bunch of fuck-wit assassins who like to use poison


End of Session – Mervin (delayed his turn) to roll at next session (heals from prone) then round begins again.

Session 1 Notes – Giantslayer – Hoss’ point of view

Matt = Jimmy

Brian = Mervin

Hadyn = Gary

Pasta = Hoss

Location: Trunau

Time: Hope Knife ceremony

Kurst and Rodrick (part time poet) – Defenders [High Rank]

We win tug of war because Rodrick was dodgy and obviously wanted daughter (Ruby) of chief to win. Also invited to join militia by Rodrick

Rodrick (part time poet) – Now dead

Kurst is in charge of the investigation but we decide to help cause he’s shit.

Clues..people to talk to investigate Rodricks death.

Cham Larringfass – Owner of the Ramblehouse (where we stayed)

Omast Frum – Surrogate father – on patrol (not too keen on the affair Rodrick is having with Half-Orc

Love affair with half orc weaver – Brinya Kelvar

Found secret draw when searching Rodricks room. Found receipt for hope knife from Urnsil the blacksmith.

Human male signed out last room after Rodrick rented his room but before we’d checked in. Found a secret note to Melira in his hidden draw.

Attacked by 3 wolves that had bleeders disease on the way to sanctuary (where the body of Rodick is).