EotE – ‘WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’ – Session 3 (27/08/15)

” They’re after us!?  What do you mean, they’re after us?!?!”

With their lives seemingly revolving around encounters with mysterious ships, it was with some trepidation that the team were perched on the edge of a derelict “freighter”, looking out at an asteroid field, TIE fighters and their ride home sipping left and right to stay out of sight.

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EotE – ‘WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’ – Session 2 (30/07/15)

“Time to Get Paid!”

So with the “holy cr@p!” situation passed them (or so they thought), the 4 protagonists, Jodo, Summer, Xage and Mado began the session just after spluttering their way into a docking bay at the Pronus VI, a quarantine / trade station near Corellia and Duro.

With a message from their friend and boss Tanquar Otral still on their minds, and an Imperial check point between them and the seclusion of the space station, they weighed up their options.

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What can I do better than anyone else in the group?

An interesting conundrum, and one that often becomes the basis of a new character build / concept.

It’s often the “go to” thought behind a group of friends creating a party in many computer / console games.  Typically, a PC/PS3-4?XBOX ONE RPG game will have a “tank”, a “healer”, and two DPS (usually one ranged, and one melee) but does it need to be that way in a tabletop RPG?

Party balance

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Opposed / Competitive / Assisted / Unskilled Checks.

Challenge Accepted

Sometimes a simple, do you win or not check, just isn’t quite ‘right’ (for all other checks there’s Mastercard), so what do you do if you’re challenged to a Kessel Run race, or you want to help your fellow player stabilise that rapidly deteriorating hyperdrive igniter coil so you can escape the Impies?

FF’s Star Wars system has another way of dealing with those, with the same level of ‘narrative’ expression as other checks!

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